Words are not enough

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~Sun Mi~

Its really strange that Jimin hasnt return to school for weeks. Did something wrong happen?

I dont know why but i cant help to get worried. I know I should be happy that hes not here and hate him even more after the incident


Why am I worried?

I was staring at the chair of Jimin and was lost in my own thoughts that i never noticed Taehyung calling me.

"Hey Sun Mi, whats wrong? You've been quite this past week. Is something bothering you? You can tell me you know."

I sighed and looked down.

"Its just..."

He lowered his head to see me but i just cant face him directly.

"Its Jimin..."

I glanced at him and saw his eyes grew bigger and a small gap on his mouth.

"Wha- what about him? Has he bothered you? Touched you?"

He looked worried but his voice is full of anger.

"Its just that, i was wondering if something bad happened to him. Its just, i mean, its not like im worried or anything, im just-"

I was cut off when he suddenly slammed the desk and stood up while his head facing the floor.

"Mr. Kim, is something wrong?"

I looked at him worriedly, I was scared that i made him mad that my eyes started filling up with tears.

He slowly sat down but he didnt face me. Until the school ended, he didnt even bothered to look at me directly.

It was dismissal and I was about to head home when Taehyung called me.

"You...do you..."

I was so nervous i feel like my heart was gonna explode.

"Like Jimin?"

My heart was beating so fast i can barely hear it.

No words came out of my mouth when he spoke again.

His voice was shaking and those words made my whole world stop.

I want to disappear now. I want to go somewhere very far and never come back.

"Lets...lets break up"

I was frozen, before i turned around, i was too late. I just watched his back as he walks away from me.

I collapsed on the floor and cry. What should i do now? Im alone, i have no one, my parents arent here, suga's gone and i dont even want to disturb Jungkook because i know he hasnt get over Sugas death yet, Taehyung was all i have but now i lost him too.

I was weak, my legs couldnt even help me stand up. Why did this happen? Taehyung was the best boyfriend i could ever have but now hes gone. He left me.

I heard footsteps coming towards me thinking that Taehyung came back.

"Sun Mi?"

I looked up and it was the person i dont even want to see me like this first.

I covered my face not wanting him to see me. Hes probably smilling out of joy now.

"Is something wrong? Are you okay?"

Those normal words made my heart throb.

Whats wrong with him? Why is he acting so kind? Is this some kind of trick? Of course, this is just one of his games, he'll pretend to be nice then he'll start saying more hurtful words.

Stay strong Sun Mi. Dont let his words get to you.

"Why do you care? This is just one of your stupid jokes right? Im sick of everything! Im sick of you! You killed Suga! You ruined my life! You tried to seperate me and Taehyung and now hes gone! Hes...hes gone. He left me. Hes all I have! Are you happy now huh? Are you really that happy making peoples life miserable? Well congrats because now you've done it so please..."

I cant take this anymore. I want to die. I want all of this to end.

"Please end it now. I want all of this to end."

I was shaking so hard from crying. Why am i even crying in front of this guy?

He knelt down and faced me.

"Im sorry. I- i was just angry with the world. Im really sorry but now i promised to change. I promise to change everything. I'll make it up to you. I-"

I didnt notice my hands bawling into a fist. I stood up and faced him as he stood up slowly.

"Do you really think you could change eveything? You cant do anything whats in the past now! You wont be able to bring Suga back! You wont be able to stop me from meeting you. You wont be able to bring me and Taehyung back so dont you dare tell me that you're going to f*cking change everything because you cant! You cant make it up for everything you did to me! Stop saying sorry because you dont even mean it! You've truned my life into hell and theres no way you can change it to the way it was back before! Do you really think those words will make me pity you? I will never forgive you! I will never forgive you for ruining my life! If you think words could make me forgive you then you're wrong because nothing can ever compare to what you have done! If you really want me to forgive you then at least try going somwhere far and never coming back! I hate you! I hate you for eveything i wish you'll disappear! I wish you were gone! I hate you!"

I ran while crying. I dont care about anything anymore. I just want to go somewhere far away from here. I want to escape. I want to find peace.

I want Taehyung back.

Hi guys! I hoped you like this chapter. I worked hard for this haha lol. Sorry if its too emotional. I hope you enjoy it anyway. I need to go now. Bye bye :D

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