TX005 - Zombieschlager (Part 1)

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Look there! The station lights come into sight.
The SubverCity seems alive tonight.
There are slips for skippers. Pads for pilots.
Hubs for drivers and anchors for pirates.
The trains all brake and the ships a'right.
The gliders land and the balloons alight.
Travelers arrive from foreign climates.
And all are lit by the ultraviolets.

The Transmit beams cross time in waves tonight.
The residents are primed and sore for sights
in courts for jesters and streets for riots
Pubs for harlots with laces in eyelets.
In the midst of it all a glass office stands
And therein, sits tall, the voice of the lands.

Now sit back and enjoy the lucid expanse

as you listen to your host with the double thumbed hands!



Well the last transmission had me reeling for a while, I admit but I cheered up a bunch thanks to my favorite time of year - Halloween! Did you know that we in the SubverCity share this holiday with the up top? Come to think of it, since you're just passing through you might not actually be aware of how many of us came to live here in the station and its surrounding metropolitan districts. Everyone has their own story of course but a lot of our citizens came to us from the upper AdverCity and many of those came down just following Halloween.

Halloween, for us, is a two day holiday. It begins on October 31st when the citizens attempt to scare each other with costumes representing their previous lives! Of course there's a party or a few but many enjoy watching relays from the AdverCity where, as they say, the freaks finally come out.

Up there those that have been hiding beneath their societally required facades reveal a little of who they really are when they put on their costumes. It may be as simple as dressing a little sexier or as complicated as letting a little of the id out and reveling in a night of freedom. Come November 1st, most return to their regular existences but some... well some realize that they can't live those old lies anymore and they find their way down here where teams of Insecurity Guards are dispatched and waiting to usher them in.

November 1st in the SubverCity is the beginning of Orientation Week! The station itself is manned by a ghost crew due to the transpo shore leaves, and travel between parallel realms and fictions is limited so that leaves plenty of time for me to volunteer on the Welcoming Committee for the new city immigrants. It's such a blast seeing all the new faces streaming in!

I, myself, was actually born here and have never been up top so one of my other favorite things about Orientation Week is all the little terrestrial trinkets I can pick up from the freshmen when they discard them. I have a little bit of a collection growing. My starter piece was a tea set passed down from my grandmother who found HER way here by following a rabbit down a hole one day. Crazy, right?

Oh oops I went on a tangent there. (My mother says my tendency to stray in thought is a little leftover gift from my grandfather.)

So back to Orientation Week - as a committee member I get assigned to a group of noobs and I have the pleasure of telling everyone about all of their new freedoms and their life options, should they choose to remain in the SubverCity itself. Anyone can leave, of course, but not until they've had a mandatory period of becoming the them that they truly are and learning to love themselves.

And just so you know, I'm three years running as the reigning Queen of Warm Hugs.

OK enough of me fluffing my ego. Today's story I picked out because it reminded me of the season - both Halloween and New Citizen Orientation. Not only does it have a zombie outbreak but it ALSO HAS a character that is hiding who he really is inside.

BUT I can't tell it all at once. I'm just gonna give you the first part today and then just when I've got ya, I'm gonna cut you off and make you wait for next time. That's me doing my part to be a little evil in honor of my favorite holidy.

AND I do have a warning for you.

Senori - Tell the fine people!


Not. For. Kids.


Yeah this one is for adults only because there's a little hanky panky in it.


["Zombieschlager" (Part 1) by Belwoeth Harbright is this episode's story. After vowing that he would never again have affairs with men, Ray, a husband in a post zombie apocalypse America, caves and goes to the local gay bar where he meets a mystery man.]



OOOooh... what's going to happen next? Do we think he'll ACTUALLY go through with it?

Let's weigh the pros and cons for Ray:

Pro - Hot, young, gay non-undead mystery man

Con - Snuggly loving wife waiting at home

Pro - Getting out of the doldrums of daily life in a safe zone

Con - Going home with a potential ghoul?

Pro - Being true to your human emotions and desires.

Con - Do we actually know for sure that Benji is still a human?

Pro - Drinks are on Benji

Con - The drinks are probably made of the questionable ingredients that are still available in a post zombie uprising world.

Well I guess you're gonna have to tune in next time to find out! Muhahahaha hahaha... that was my attempt at evil laughter.



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