Ruki x Reader: 『Her Café Encounter』

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For the purpose of this fanfiction italics will be used to signify Japanese dialogue. Regular text will be used to signify English dialogue.


The air was crisp and cold. As she wandered down the white streets of London her mind sang her a song, a tune of the season. Lights flickered and flashed in the quickly darkening sky, people swiftly passing gripping their many shopping bags while the scent of sweet spices flew out of the nearby cafe. She decided she deserved a break as it was the end of the year and she wouldn't have to work for another couple of weeks. Her Japanese language course didn't start for another hour and a half and it wasn't too far away from the area, she had plenty of time to kill. Coffee should do the trick in satisfying her need for warmth.

The glass doors let the most beautifully aromatic scent of ground coffee and spices escape from the cafe upon walking inside. It was a busy evening but for some reason it wasn't as loud as expected. But (y/n) couldn't complain, it seemed better this way. The menu written in colourful chalk was endless, but only one thing was on her mind to order. A simple latte was all that was needed.

With her fresh, hot coffee in hand she glanced around to see if any seats were available, but all tables were taken. Her next option was to take the coffee back home but it was inevitable that the drink would cool down before she could walk through the front door. It would have been a pointless journey. The best bet was an empty seat. Hopefully there would be a free chair with only one person sat at its table to avoid a large crowd. And it wasn't too long until a space came to sight, right at the back of the cafe in a secluded but cozy looking corner.

(Y/n) swiftly excused her way through the small gaps nearly closed together by people and chairs before anyone could take the seat. At first glance she saw what she suspected was a woman but upon further inspection of the persons figure she realised her error.

'Oh, it's a guy. He's got nice hair for a guy. Very androgynous though...' She thought.

He sat idle in a fabricated arm chair leaning forward over a note pad that lay on the coffee table, pen in hand. A few scribblings out here and there on the page. She rested her free hand on the top of the opposite arm chair and quietly cleared her throat, she spoke politely her voice sweet as honey.

"Excuse me sir? Is anyone sitting here?"

The man looked up to the voice he could hear, but soon became embarrassed as he couldn't understand the girl talking to him. He thought of a response but soon realised his English skills were extremely limited, he didn't have a response for this situation. He could only reply in his own language. He stuttered.

"I'm s-sorry, I- don't quite... Um..."

By the few awkwardly forced words he sounded out (y/n) immediately understood. This made the whole situation easier, he spoke the language she had been studying for the past seven years. She smiled at the blushing man staring at her.

"Oh you're Japanese!  I'm sorry for assuming you spoke English, is anyone sitting here with you?"

A faint smile lay across his tinted lips. A small glint in his eyes.

"No, that's ok go ahead."

She beamed at the man's kind generosity.

"Ah thank you."

(y/n) elegantly took the seat and gently set the coffee down on her end of the small table. Upon removing her winter coat she pulled out her phone to double check the time, she didn't want to be late for her class and wanted to be sure that she would have enough time to drink her hot beverage and walk the short distance to the university. As she became comfy and relaxed she took the first small sip of the boiling latte, licking the little bit of froth away from the top of her lips. She couldn't help but draw her attention to the man sat opposite her no matter how hard she tried not to stare. He was interesting to say the least, his slightly feminine look and make-up combined with his build and masculine voice was enough to throw anyone off. He seemed like the artsy type, a rocker. She wouldn't have been surprised if he was in some type of band.

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