(??'s P.O.V)

April 24th

Me: *Crying* How did her baby survived and mine died! What the fuck! Ray is gonna be so mad when he finds out.

Breaunna: Girl its gonna be okay. I'm just pissed that her fuckin baby survived.

Me: Breaunna shut up! You have no idea what it feels like to lose a baby! So don't be acting like this is no big deal! Okay?!

Breaunna: You right. I don't and i don't want to.

Me: Then shut the fuck up and get out of my face!

Breaunna: (Starts walking out)

Me: Wait.

Breaunna: What?

Me: I have an idea.

Breaunna: What is it?

Me: (Tells her)

Breaunna: Hmm.. Then we both get what we want... I want her to know what it feels like to lose- I like it.

Me: When you guys leave when are you coming back.

Breaunna: We're leaving tomorrow morning and we're coming back in 2 months.

Me: Okay but what do i tell Ray about the baby?

Breaunna: Okay so were gonna go get a fake stomach and you tell him that the doctors made a mistake and that the baby is due in 2 months because she is not big enough to come or something. I don't know.

Me: *Smiles* Okay.

(Roc's P.O.V.)

I'm so glad that Nicole and Larissa survived that car accident. I don't know what i would have done. Those 2 including my mom, are my life.

Me: I love you Nicole.

Nicole: I love you too Roc.

Me: What do you want to do today?

Nicole: I don't know. But something because your leaving tomorrow.

Me: I know. I'm gonna miss you and Larissa. *Looks down at Larissa in my arms*

Nicole: You'll see us in 2 months. Hopefully it'll go by fast.

Me: Yeah. Hopefully

(London's P.O.V.)

Me: AHA! Prod! Stop Tickling me!

Prodigy: Nope. I'm not gonna stop until you tell me.

Me: Fine! I'll tell you!

Prodigy: *Stops tickling me and lets go*

Me: Aha! Nope! Thought you had a friend!

Prodigy: *Looks sad*

Me: *Pouts* I'm sorry babe..*Goes up to him and tries to hug him*

Prodigy: *Grabs me and starts kissing me*

Me: *Kisses back*

************************A/n: Rated R*************************

He lays down and i get on top of him and start kissing his neck. I pull off his shirt then take off mine. Then i start kissing him up and down his abs.

Prodigy: Are you ready? *He put the condom on*

Me: Yep.

He rolls me over, and gets on top of me kissing my body all the way down to my pants line. Then he slides my pants and underwear off and starts eating me out. Then he get up and puts it in.

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