Chapter 14urteen ~ Apologies

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*Wynter's POV*

Zayn had begged me to sing. So I did. I sang "Stole My Heart" since it was my favorite song. I acted like I was slipping away and dying, but I was aware of everything. I knew that Louis was crying over Eleanor and begging for her to wake up. That sent a sharp pang of guilt right through my chest, but I pushed it aside. I knew that Liam was getting a first aid kit and phone. He wouldn't find a phone, though. And I knew that Harry and Niall had run outside to look for Scarlet and Aqua.

And it just dawned on me that these boys are my true friends. I don't have to be scared of them, becuase they will never, ever hurt me.

After a few minutes I heard multiple footsteps coming into the kitchen and sniffling. "Wynter, Eleanor, you guys can stop now. They know." I didn't open my eyes, but knew it was Aqua talking. I heard a gasp from Louis and then muffled talking. I opened my eyes all the way and sat up, looking at Zayn. That was when I realized the true damage that we had done to all of them.

Harry looked slightly mad but mostly relieved. I could tell he was trying not to cry as he quickly pulled Scarlet into a hug. Niall gave Aqua million dollar Horan hug. Liam was just standing there crying as he looked at the wall with an unreadable expression. Louis and Eleanor were hugging each other tightly with her face buried in his chest and his face buried in her hair. I finally looked at Zayn and watched as the first tear slipped from his eye. He pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

I would've thought that I would've gotten a flashback at being squeezed so tightly. I would've thought that I'd flinch and push him away. But instead I hugged him back just as tightly. And it felt so damn right. "I'm sorry," I whispered almost in tears myself.

"Care to explain?" Liam asked.

I took a deep breathe, let go of Zayn, and turned to Liam. "We wanted to get back at you guys for making us watch that scary movie. Since it didn't seem to scare you in movie form, we made it in real life form. Ididn't think that it would end like this and I doubt the other girls did either. We're really sorry."

"I can't believe you'd do that, but I'm so glad you're okay," Harry whispered. Everyone was sheading a few tears now. Louis and Eleanor were completely in their own world though. They were hugging and whispering to each other and crying a lot. I guess Eleanor felt really bad. I turned to face Zayn again. He was staring at the floor and not looking up.

"If you're mad I understand," I whispered to him. "I just want you to know that I really am sorry." He nodded his head and pulled me to hug him again. And I willingly let him hug me.

"Don't ever do that again," he said. I nodded.

"Can we go back to sleep now?" Aqua asked. Niall was looking at her adoringly. Everyone agreed that they were tired.

"We're all sleeping together," Harry said. "You girls aren't getting out of our sight."

"Come on," Scarlet said. "My basement is huge. We can all sleep there." Everyone shuffled to their previous sleeping places and grabbed their pillows and blankets. Eleanor had gotten all of the hidden electronics and passed them out to their rightful owners.

We all got to the basement and plopped down in her movie room. Yes, she had a movie room. It consisted of a large TV screen making up on wall and the rest of the room was one HUGE couch bed thing that was milticolored.

"Dibs on far back corner," I said and crawled over to it. I set my pillow against the corner and curled up into a ball with my blanket wrapped securley around me. I always felt safest here. I watched as everyone climbed on. Zayn layed on my right while Scarlet layed on my left. Next to Scarlet was Harry, then Eleanor, then Louis. Next to Zayn was Liam, then Aqua, and lastly Niall. We all said our goodnights and fell asleep.

(A/N: Short but sweet. I had to get s little but of Zaynter....or Wayn....I don't know)

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