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Bethany's POV

"Agent Mota, please report to your boss, Agent Mota." The intercom comes on.

I sigh, getting up from my office desk and heading toward the office. I know what this is about. I know what this is about 100%.

I knock on the door and wait till I hear an, "Come in."

I walk in and see my boss.

"Hello Sir." I tell him.

"Ah, Agent Mota. Take a seat please." Mr. Grier tells me.

I sit down and he looks at me.

"Mota..." He trails off, "You're great at what you do. You really are great."

"Nash, you're the reason I have this job. We were good friends before I was your employee. You can spit it out." I tell him.

"You're getting a new partner." He sighs.

Of course.

"After what happened with your former partner-" I cut him off.

"Don't talk about him like that. Ever. Now get to the point." I snap.

He just sighs, again, and nods. "Okay. That's understanding. But you still are required to have a partner."

"Do I have too?"


"At least let me pick them." I request, in a way.

"Nope. That's not happening again. We already have someone coming in. He's a really good friend of mine. I've known him forever and I'm glad he's coming to our department. He's moving from California." He explains.

"Great. He? I guess it better than some blonde b-"

"Bethany. Don't. She tried her hardest, but it didn't work out." He interrupts me.

"Whatever. Who is this guy I'm going to be dealing with?"

"Dallas. Cameron Dallas."

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