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Cover by RapunzelsSaviour


READ BEFORE CONTINUING : The POV will NOT continuously switch during chapters as it does in the first few. However, the POV WILL be switching every chapter.

Ex. Chapter 4 Will be in Mason's POV, while Chapter 5 will be in Charlie's.


THIS STORY WAS MADE TWO YEARS AGO, IT IS NOT MY BEST. If you want a story with better grammar, punctuation, details, and an all around better plot, go read one of my other stories. This is the first book I wrote - you've been warned. 


Mason's been abused since a young age by his step father. Without a mother for support and the constant fear for his life, he decides caring just isn't worth it. Why care about good grades, when you might not even live long enough for graduation? Why be nice and let people push you around without putting up a fight? Although, Mason does have one rule he's keen on keeping:
Never get attached.

Charlotte (Charlie) had a big secret of her own. With a secret life, missing sibling, a special hatred Mason Carter her life was definitely in for a big surprise.

When Charlie's best friend gets transferred to a different class, the teacher decides to pair her up with none other than the infamous prick.

With the two rivals, both with devastating secrets, stuck with each other both during, and after school, will they be able to keep their secrets to themselves?

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