Chapter 17

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Loki threw an ice blade at the leaders' forehead.

It struck him hard, dropping Zania onto the ground.

The leaders body became an ice statue.

Loki went to it and grabbed its spear.

"Intimate piece of skum," he said.

He stabbed the ice statue.

The statue shattered into millions of ice pieces.

After that, Loki knelt beside Zania and lifted her body up against him.

"Zania," he called.

Zania's body shivered. He held her tightly.

"I'm deeply sorry," she whispered weakily.

"Don't be," he said.

Her eye color began to fade. Is this what happens to a Faddist when its close to death?

His hand smoothed her cheek.

"You will be taken to the healing room. You're going to survive," Loki believed.

"No...its done. Its over," she said weakily.

"Nonsense, don't say that," he told.

Loki looked around in need for help.

Thor was too busy fighting, as were the rest.

There was nothing Loki could do.

Zania put a hand on his. He couldn't feel her temperature. Usually her skin was hot.

"Loki," she choked.

"Yes?" he wondered.

"I...I...," she tried to say.

"No, stay with me, Zania. I am not letting you die," he told.

A tear fell from her eyes.

"I lo...I l...," she breathed.

Then right there, she stopped breathing.

"No, no!" Loki shouted.

Her eyes stared deadly into space.

He squeezed her hand.

"NO!" he yelled.

Thor looked Loki's way. He saw Loki holding Zania. 'No...' Thor thought.

Loki shook, terribily.

"Brother! We must take her to the healing room!" Thor spoke. They had killed every single Leviathan that was left.

Loki didnt move.

"Brother!" Thor shouted.

"Just go!" Loki demanded.

Thor hesitated to leave Loki and Zania, but Sif spoke, "C'mon, we must go for help."

Thor left with Sif, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg. They returned to Asgard.

Loki sat there, holding the dead princess in his arms. He hugged her face.

Finally, he stood up and carried Zania. He walked.

Then Heimdall returned them to Asgard.

Guards came to Loki, grabbing Zania from him. They hurried to the healing room. Loki stood there, helpless. Even if they tried to bring her back, Loki already knew the answer.

"Loki," Thor spoke.

Loki glanced at him and said softly, "It was already too late..."

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