Chapter 16

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By the time Loki and Zania reached outside, the gang had already killed the Leviathans. Loki and Zania went to them.

"Faddist! Glad to see your alive!" Volstagg exclaimed.

"Look," Hogun pointed.

More Leviathans ran out the palace.

"As a team?" Sif said.

"As a team," Thor spoke.

Loki grinned. Zania stood up straight and flared up fire balls in her hand.

Then the real battle began.

They all worked together and fought. Thor lighting up the Leviathans, Sif, slashing with her spear, Volstagg, Hogan, and Fandral with their swords, Loki with his ice blades, and Zania with her fire.

Zania threw fire spheres at the Leviathans, and they incinerated. One of the Leviathans grabbed onto Sif, and Zania tossed a fire ball at it. It wailed and disappeared. Sif grinned at Zania.

Thor and Loki stood side by side, working together.

"Just like old times," Thor tells.

"VERY old times," Loki corrected.

Thor happened to smile at that.

Then suddenly Loki was struck in the side. He groaned and held his side.

Thor killed Loki's stabber and said, "Brother!"

"I'm fine," Loki replied. Zania looked at Loki, seeing him hurt.

She couldn't look at him for long, because another Leviathan attacked her. She killed that one also.

Then suddenly she was struck down. She fell to the floor. She looked up, seeing the leader.

"God of Mischief shouldve just finished me off. I'll kill him after I'm finished with you," he says.

I balled up a sphere and halled it at the leader.

He dodged it and tried stabbing with his spear.

I grabbed it, pulled it, and kicked him in the stomach. He stumbled backwards.

Well, training with Thor has paid well.

The leader growled and attacked me again.

He struck me and I fell to the floor once again.

He leaned over me with smile.

"Sad for a beautiful Faddist princess to die," he said.

"Glad for an ugly Leviathan to die," I say. I tripped him and he fell to the floor.

I grabbed his spear and aimed it at him.

"You will pay for my people's death," I spoke.

He chuckled evily.

"What will you gain when you kill me? Where will you go? We Leviathans will continue to live and find you and kill you. We are everywhere. And youre the last Faddist. You mind as well die now. You don't belong in Asgard. You're not an Asgardian. Who will love you when this is over? God of Mischief is no match for love. You know that," he spoke.

I slowly looked at Loki, who continued to fight.

"Yes, I've have seen his actions with you in Asgard. He will NEVER love you. He may seem like he will, but he will betray you. Just like he did before with the others. He will do it again," he spoke.

I hesitated. What was I doing? Why was I even listening to this fool? Before I could turn around and finish him off, the leader grabbed hold of me from behind.

He wrapped his arm around my neck, choking me.

"Now," he snarled, "there will be no more Faddist."

My eyes widened.

I see Loki look at me.

Then I feel my mark being touched, almost draining me out.

I hear Loki shout, "ZANIA!"

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