Imagine #2

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You were riding on your penny board to school and you weren't happy that day. Mostly because of your damn period. You were riding peacefully until the jocks/jerks of your school pushed you making you fall of your penny board. "What's your f*cking problem douchebags!" you yelled back. "Wow. Calm your tits girl." one of them said, then all of them started laughing. Don't you have that feeling when you want to kick or punch someone really badly. Oooohhhhh! That's how you felt right now. You punched the guy. His nose was bleeding and you knew you had succeeded.

The guys were about to jump you, until a guy jumped in and defended you. You were trying to see who had just helped you until you noticed it was.... Cameron Dallas. He was the bad boy of your school until he got expelled. "Leave the girl alone." Cameron said, while you were standing behind him. The jerks knew who he was and they were the ones who always got pranked by Cameron or something worse. The jerks just looked at each other and walked away. "Are you okay?" Cameron asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." you replied. "You were really brave to punch one of the jocks." Cameron said impressed. "Not to me." You said honestly. You had punched a lot of guys, you just had really bad anger issues. "What's your name?" He asked. "Y/n." I responded. "That's a beautiful name." he said, as you blushed. "Well, I need to get to school. So, bye." I said nervously. "Wait, can I get your number first?" he asked, and I gave him my number and said our goodbyes.

I didn't think a bad boy would have a good heart.

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