Kai x Reader LIME:『Little Games』

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It had become a tradition for me and Kai on every Friday night, to get competitive and play for the prize of not having to cook dinner. It's always been fun and games with him, the good kind of course. And to be truthful this was a pretty ingenious way of getting either one of us to prep food in the evening, after a long day of work and no play. As you may be able to relate, no one on a Friday night even thinks about making dinner after work, you may aswell just order a takeaway and call it a day. But Kai has a rule.

'Absolutely NO takeouts on weekdays.'

On any other day, this wouldn't be a bother. But today is always a different story. "I'm too tired, I just want to relax, give me a break, you're the cook anyway." Those are my classic excuses I use to try and get out of the ordeal, but my roommate never tolerates it. He ends up dragging me out to the kitchen, on the floor most of the time. I'm not a very cooperative person when I'm cranky.

This Friday's game was, well... Interesting I suppose. I had never played it before but I remember everyone going crazy about it in my college and university days.

'The Nervous Game'

Now for those of you who've been living under a Dwayne Johnson for the past decade, the nervous game is basically where one person touches certain areas of another's body. As they touch the person they have to ask them 'Are you nervous' and if that person says yes they lose. If they say no you pretty much have to keep going until one of you feels it starting to get weird. A classic amongst daring, friends who enjoy late night parties, sleepovers or whatever kids do these days. There were plenty of those in my years of education. Me and Kai would normally hang out in either of our dorm rooms while our friends went off partying all night. We were kind of lame but we had eachother, that was enough for us.

I lay sprawled out on my bed with my heavy eyelids barely staying open. I checked the time on my clock that sat on my bedside table.


And as if on queue the clock struck six and Kai came walking through the front door with shopping bags filled with food. This was all for tonight. He was always the one who did the evening shop for this particular day. Watching him from my bedroom door he put the shopping on the kitchen counter and threw off his coat. I sat up as he came walking in with a sneaky grin. He stood in front of me, shading me from the light of the hallway.

"You ready for our game?"

"I guess, what did you have in mind for this week then?"

That sneaky grin turned sinister, it gave me a chill. I had never known Kai to be so creepy. A freaky sweetheart doesn't exactly sound right does it?

"Something we've never done before. Our old school friends used to always do this."

I thought for a moment. 'Old school friends?' I couldn't pin point what he meant. I mumbled through the pillow I held tightly

"Could you please elaborate on that a bit?"

He crawled onto my bed on all fours behind me, a slight purr in his voice. I didn't dare take a glance at him, God knows what that grin had turned into by now.

"Just let my hands do the work..."

"Wait, what do yo-"

Before I could finish speaking I was given a shock by a pair of hands suddenly tossing away my pillow and gripping the base of my neck. They loosened slightly and began to move away to my shoulders. It felt like a massage, I was actually enjoying myself for a moment but that enjoyment turned into something considerably worse.

Kai's body was gently pressed up against my back, we both sat on our knees making our positions fit perfectly. My body jerked into an arch as his hands began to slide down my sides to my hips. I had already become disoriented by his ginger caresses and the sudden hot breath that wrapped around my neck. Purely out of impulse I took a hand to his cheek, forcing him to attack my neck. I didn't know what overcame me, I had never even thought about doing this sort of thing with Kai. He was working wonders on me and I could not deny it, it turned me on.

His thumbs dug their way to the top of my shorts and played with the hem as his teeth nibbled away at my quivering skin. He pulled them down little by little, cleverly allowing them to practically slide away. I felt my lacy undergarments snap against my hips giving me an exciting rush. A hand barely skimmed over my stomach, another snuck its way up and under my tank top only just missing my breast.

Without thinking I ran my slender fingers through his soft hair and took hold of the hand that crawled underneath my clothing. I forced it to take hold of my chest. The situation became overwhelming, sensing the heat radiating from our bodies was no mistake as we knew this game would lead on to unforgivable things. And we loved the thought of it.

Kai moved away from my back to my side and gently lay me down on the bed. My shorts were practically off at this point but Kai loomed over my lower area and tugged them away, leaving them abandoned on the floor. I decided to contribute and tore off my top, leaving me in my lacy undergarments. His lips began to form a trail that began at my stomach and gradually made its way to my lips. Each kiss was tender. As the kisses were planted upon my skin he prowled above my body and pinned me down, straddling me, disabling my movements.

A fire began to burn down below which made me develop an unhealthy craving for his love, his lust, his length. I had never even had a filthy thought taint my mind about Kai before. But this sudden act he started changed my perspective. The sweet boy I had grown up with had transformed into a sexually attractive man, a man who knew exactly what to do with me. It was almost as if I were his toy, a puppet. But if being a puppet meant receiving from Kai, I could not object.

Then I felt it, underneath his clothes. Rubbing against me was the thing which I desperately yearned for. His length suddenly grew against my thigh and pushed me so far over the line I was already gripping the sheets. And with that he whispered lowly into my ear, the question I had been waiting for.

"Are you nervous, (y/n)?"

I responded with a sudden, sloppy kiss and the caressing of his face. He pulled away grinning, biting his soft lips. He spoke to himself.

"Guess that answers my question."

The anticipation compelled him to take his belt and unbuckle it, to unzip the tight jeans he wore, just to have his way with me. This game he started was going to end with our bodies entwined with sin.

And we both pleaded for that sin.


And Friday's dinner was never cooked!

This is the second fic I've written that ends with a suggestive situation, but this ones a whole lot more obvious! :3

I was so close to turning this into a lemon but I had to stop myself, I'm not planning on doing those just yet. This wasn't even supposed to be a lime in the first place. Ffs Cait...


Up next: Ruki x Reader

He's such a babe like jfc get in my bed right now pls. All of you.

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