December 1, 2015 - #JustWriteIt #HolidayChaos

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Ah, the holidays. Food. Family and friends, maybe some relatives you see but once a year. All is merry and bright.

And then - CHAOS. The turkey spontaneously combusts and you have to order pizza. Aunt Carol's new boyfriend takes a wrong turn and ends up in a remote, self-governing township that makes him their new king.

It's never just bows and twinkly lights. So for December's #JustWriteIt challenge, we want you to tell us your hilariously hectic, completely chaotic holiday tales.

Your story can be any genre at all, and totally true or completely made up. Just make sure to tag it with #JustWriteIt and #HolidayChaos so others can find it.

We are back to our regular 10,000 words over 30 days.

Ready to take the pledge? Put on your ugliest holiday sweater, pour yourself a glass of eggnog, and make some literary magic happen!

Click here to take the challenge!

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