Chapter Twelve ~ Assessment

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"I shouldn't be here," I grumbled as I stood by Kakashi on the third training ground. "I have missions to complete, a team to train and--"

"An evil organization, that brainwashed you into forgetting the life you've known so they could use you as a mere tool, to destroy?" Kakashi interrupted.

"Precisely," I murmured, annoyed. "And their late! I have better things to do than to be here,"

"I thought patience was your speciality," Kakashi mused.

"So it mutilating strangers in exchange for information," I muttered.

Kakashi ignored what he heard. "It doesn't matter how late they are, I'm setting a time limit on your test. Dawn tomorrow, it will end. Let's see just how far you guys have progressed."

I snorted. "Right. One fled the village to avenge his clan. One was taken to be turned into a tool used only for pure destruction. One abandoned the village for two years to train, and it probably was a useless quest. And the last one trained under a psychotic maniac whilst dealing with a broken heart and a broken team. Great job you did with us," I replied sarcastically.

Kakashi sighed, "you always see the worst in everything, don't you?"

"Here! Kakashi sensei, is that you?" Naruto yelled, a vast distance of a whole 5 yards away.

I scowled at his loud, annoying voice.

"You're not late," Sakura stated, wide eyed.

"Nope," I said, popping the 'P', "but you guys are. Let's just get this thing over with,"

"Cashile! You weren't with us when we talked strategies!" Sakura exclaimed. Naruto narrowed his eyes, clearly untrusting of me.

I simply shrugged. "No need, just stay out of my way."

"Actually, Cashile," Sakura stepped up, eyes flashing. I reevaluate her. She was stronger, in mind, spirit, and body. "I think you'll be needing to stay out of our way."

I blinked. "Alright," I agreed easily. "Go at 'im. And don't forget to grab my bell as well."

Naruto glared at me-- still didn't know the full story behind my disappearance-- and turned his back on me. "Let's go, Sakura," he ordered.

Despite her aggressiveness, Sakura still threw me a worried glance over her shoulder. For herself and Naruto, no doubt. She, unlike him, knew what I was capable of.

"By dawn tomorrow," Kakashi announced, holding up the bells. "You three know the drill. You must have one of these three bells each by dawn tomorrow, or else you'll fail this test."

Then the most absurd thing happened.

Naruto charged straight towards Kakashi, not even waiting for his signaled "start".

I grimaced, and despite our differences Sakura and I both exchanged long-suffering looks.

"He hasn't change at all, has he?"

"I'm afraid not," she sighed in reply.

I sat down on the ground, cross-legged. "Have fun," I waved towards Kakashi invitingly. She narrowed her eyes at me, a gesture that I expertly ignore. As they began their fight I closed my eyes, trusting that I would be able to avoid getting caught in the middle of the fight if it happened to turn in my direction.

I took a deep breath and let it out, centering myself and my thoughts. Two years ago I would never have been able to do this--be alone with my thoughts. No distractions, nothing to hide me from myself, nothing to keep my mind from spiraling away.

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