Chapter 18.

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Scarlett's POV

"It wasn't that bad was it?"

"Kendall did you not see? He was with another girl!" I couldn't help but scream back in her face as we returned to my apartment. I slammed the door, taking all my anger out on the innocent piece of wood separating us from the outside world.

"They were just holding hands."

"Holding hands? Isn't that what couples normally do? Hold hands?" I snapped, turning sharply on my heel to face her. She took an involuntarily step back away from my intense glare.

"What's going on?" Laura questioned, joining us in the main room, her mouth half full with a sandwich.

I noted her overnight bag in the other hand, at least one of us could keep a steady relationship. Not once have I seen Niall and Laura even have the smallest of arguments which surprises me since Laura can be extremely stubborn most of the time. Obviously they have better ways of dealing with their problems.

"Louis was holding hands with another girl and now Scarlett is getting worked up about it."

"Already? Dang he moves on fast," Laura chuckled slightly shaking her head at the prospect.

"Not helping!" I sighed. "And then I had Zayn eat my head off. Apparently I'm distracting Louis from his career and ruining the image of the band." I growled, the apple in my hand was showing no mercy to my odd amount of strength being thrust upon it.

"You know what Zayn's like though, he's just looking out for his mates," she replied calmly as if what he had said was totally innocent. I rolled my eyes dramatically and took a bite out of the fruit in my hand.

"Are you sure you're not his sister?"

"I'm not on anyone's side. You shouldn't get so rallied up about this."

"My boyfriend split up with the other day and he's already out with another girl and then his 'mate'," I scoffed, "has the nerve to tell me I'm ruining the image of their band. It's nice to know what people really think of you behind closed doors."

"Stop stressing about it, I'm sure things will work out. Maybe you and Louis were never meant to be."

"How can you stand there and say that? You're my sister, you're supposed to be supportive of me."

"I never signed up for anyone of that shit, I'm just here living under your roof, eating your food. Your relationship problems are nothing to do with me!" She shouted back this time, loosing her temper too.

I wanted to shout out the truth that technically all my relationship problems are because of her. It's not her fault but she is the reason why this is all happening. I screwed over my relationship to protect her and she doesn't even know and now she's walking around like I'm some unstable person who can't keep a relationship going.

I took a few deep breaths and stared long and hard at the girl stood in front of me. I always knew my sister had an attitude. She wasn't exactly selfish but she wasn't always the one to put others first. I wouldn't deny that she'd always put Niall first. But right now I felt like second best in her life to everything. She never wants to spend time with me, she locks herself in her room everyday and when she does come out it's either for food or she's going to see her boyfriend. I don't regret for a second saving her from her adoptive family but sometimes I wonder if they would have done a better job at raising her through these recent years than I have.

"Why can't you just be there for me? I am your sister. You could at least show a little sympathy, it's not easy for me you know."

"Did you ever stop to think Louis doesn't want this anymore. He doesn't want to be with you anymore, maybe he doesn't love you. Something wasn't right and he broke it off for a reason. You need to accept and respect that. Clearly he's moved on and you need to too." and with that and a scowl on her face she marched right out, slamming the door harder than I had done five minutes previously. I growled into the palms of my hands as I tangled my fingers in the hair. Why couldn't life ever be simple?

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