Chapter 10

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Stealing Hearts 6/18/13

Chapter 10

Allison’s POV

I stared at the older man in shock. He wanted me to tell the boys about my life! The same boys that shouldn’t have intruded into it in the first place. The same boys who will move on and forget about me and my silly old problems. They will continue on with the tours and get extremely hot girlfriends, make families, have more fans. Why would they need to remember a girl that needed to steal things to keep her sister and herself living. Paul tilts his head waiting for an answer to his question. I glare at him, picking up my stuff and walking towards the door.

“Hell no.” He gives me a shocked look like I was supposed to spill my guts to the international boyband. I shrug my shoulders walking out the door, picking up my skateboard. I walk out to the parking lot with Paul following close behind, like my own personal bodyguard.

“And why not.” He questions eyebrows raised high. Why does he care anyways? He will be just like the stupid boyband moving on with his life as soon as they live my stupid little town.

“And why should I? Just so they can move on with their fabulous life leaving me wondering if they ever still think about me with all my pitiful problems?” I shot back at him. Sadness fills his eyes and he looks like he was about to say something but decided against it. I smirk knowing I was right. The boys will move on with their lives. I will stay here and keep stealing things. Nobody else will figure out my name. Eventually I will forget it myself. I turn to walk off leaving Paul at his SUV to head back to the boys in their luscious hotel.

“At least let me give you a ride to where ever you’re going? Let me give you my number in case youu need me.” I laugh at his antic. I shake my head no. I take the number from him typing it into my phone. I sent him a quick text making sure I got the number right. He nods saying as if saying he got it.

“Paul, I haven’t been in a car for three years. I don’t think I’m going to start now. Besides, driving is for lazy people.” I give him a small salute slowly taking off on my beat up skateboard. A small smile is upon his lips as he shakes his head at my last statement. He simply drives past me even as I got a head start since he was in a vehicle and all. Birds flutter through the air swooping down just to have a little fun. Crows circle each other high up in the sky, cawing at each other. A soft summer breeze floats through town. I had a feeling that Ashley would have her window open letting the breeze lift the curtains up moving them around. Cathy would be trying to get her to close them because they aren’t aloud to open windows. A small rumble shakes me from my thoughts. Looking up, I see that in the distance there are extremely dark storm clouds heading this way. By the looks up it, it is already hitting town. Me being a little over halfway to town from the hospital, decided it would be easier just to hurry into town and find some cover. I kick a little faster trying to hurry to cover. It starts sprinkling, letting some parts of my clothes getting damp. The more I enter town, the harder the rain comes down. Damn summer storm. By now, my clothes are full on soaked. The freezing cold rain pelted by suddenly pale skin. All the color just drained from my body leaving me white and cold. Lighting lights up the sky, then soon followed by a boom of thunder. My oversized t-shirt is thrown into my bag, knowing it will only hold water. My tank top is probably see through by now, but I don’t even look. Sunglasses protect my eyes from the hard rain coming down directly on me. Every time I kick, water comes out of my fully soaked shoes. My skateboard hits a small limb from a tree making me go flying onto my knees scraping them up a little. I ignore the pain and keep going. I sigh having a feeling I will probably get sick from being out in the cold rain. By the time I am in the middle of town, the rain is coming down harder. I give up skateboarding and run towards Ryan’s apartment. The building comes into view as I run over the hill. More lightning strikes across the sky startling me, while thunder shakes the buildings next to me. Only a few cars pass by on the road but most don’t dare to come out in this weather. A car passes soaking me with water also making me slam into the wall hiting my arm trying to avoid the disgusting water. I scream in frustration and flick the person off. I hurry off towards the stairs running up them carefully making sure I don’t fall on my ass. I slip and slide yet finally make it to the door.

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