Chapter {1}

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"You can't have Hyesu back." Yoongi said bluntly and immediately shut the door.

"What the fuck, Yoongi. That's rude!" Jimin ran over to the door and opened it, "I'm sorry, Ms... We can't give her back to you..." Jimin decided to politely tell her.

"Why not? You won't even tell me why she was taken away from me." She said sternly.

No one was allowed to tell mortals about vampires. So they had to take her away without word. It isn't illegal, but it must be hard on her.

"We found out... That she's actually..." Jimin tried to think of an excuse but couldn't find one.

"Get the hell out. We adopted her not wanting any problems... We're sorry, we didn't know they took her from you. File a report or something." Yoongi said and finally shut the door.

"Why did you tell her to file a report?" Jimin asked, wide eyed.

"Look... I was expecting to have some fun tonight... She ruined it. Now I'm in a bad mood. Anyway, she won't file a report." Yoongi said as he walked to their bedroom with Jimin following.

Jimin sighed, "I'm sorry..." Jimin sat on the bed.

"It's ok. It's not your fault... By the way, our fun time isn't ruined." Yoongi said as he sat next to Jimin on the other side.

"Really?" Jimin tilted his head.

"Yeah." Yoongi leaned in and pinned Jimin on the bed, "I'm sure." He added on right before he collided their lips passionately, slipping in his tongue.

Jimin gripped onto Yoongi, letting out a small moan.

They both could feel each other's fangs on each other's lips. The fangs slightly scraping against each other's lips.

"Oh my god, you turn me on." Yoongi said, when he parted to breath.

"You turn me on too." Jimin smirked and continued to kiss Yoongi passionately.

They ended up, undressing each other.

"Ready?" Yoongi asked as Jimin nodded.

~After you know what~

"So now what?" Jimin laid in bed after both of them took showers.

"I'm tired. I'm going to bed." Yoongi said as he pulled the covers over him.

Jimin went under the covers with Yoongi and cuddled with him as they both fell asleep.

Jimin woke up first and went to go check on Dae and Hyesu.

"Appa!" Dae shouted happily as he walked into their room.

"Hey, Dae." Jimin smiled and sat on Dae's bed rubbing her head.

"Appa, Hyesu was whining a bit in her sleep last night." Dae said.

"Oh... Well, she probably didn't sleep well so let's let her sleep for now." Jimin told Dae.

"Okay, appa... Today is a day off from school, can I go somewhere with you?" Dae tilted her head.

"I'd love to go somewhere with you, but I have to go to work." Jimin said.

"Ok..." Dae hung her head down.

"Well, I'll see you later." Jimin left the room and got changed, leaving for work.

But while he was walking to work, he got a phone call.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Is this Min Jimin?" A voice asked.

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