Bollywood Rant #2

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Yeah, I know I'm putting off the Madoka Magica rant off even more but the topic of classical music in India was brought up in my Humanities Class and we briefly talked about the music in Bollywood. (And yes, that pic has a point with this rant.)

And then after watching Mockingjay Part 2 with my best friend we talked about how movies in India are so the typical 1940 movies.

And that brought me to make a second rant about Bollywood/Kollywood.

First off, the characters: THEY ARE SO COOKIE CUTTER CHARACTERS/PLOTS (as I mentioned earlier)

I'm sorry, why do we find their dilemmas in a movie interesting? Like seriously, the main reason why most Bollywood movies are so 'emotional' is because all of it is fucking melodrama. 

I don't think I mentioned this in my 1st Bollywood rant but one thing that I have noticed is that the main characters always have to be college students.

Like seriously, make a movie about high schoolers or something. If you can make a movie about two college students falling in love despite their families' protests, don't you think that it'll be stronger when two high schoolers are involved? Its basically the same thing so please for the love of god take some liberties with the age. When you're in college, its easier to make your own life choices rather than in high school. So this entire plot point could switch age groups and without the marriage at the end, it would still be the exact same Romeo and Juliet story. Actually, this is why Panchathanthiram is one of my favorite movies. It was a different type of love story, the main characters weren't perfect (in fact, almost everyone acted like douches at one point in this film) and yes, the love story was a focus, but it was part of the focus. It didn't hijack the movie when it wasn't supposed to. Majority of the movie's focus went to the comedy, the hero and his five friends and THE VILLAINS. I dare not spoil the movie for you but what I can say is that the plot didn't destroy the entire movie and more or less made the characters relatable/memorable....even though the characters themselves are kind of one note and bland.

Which brings me to my next point: Make a movie about a women/girl who is not overly sassy, is actually imperfect, THE MAIN CHARACTER and can actually hold on her own. In order to make a female character interesting, don't make her the damsel in distress and take any personality out her to the point of just being there as a love interest (or as I like to call it, something for the hero to chase) and MAKE HER HUMAN, not a caricature of a person. Take Bahubali: The Beginning as an example. It still had a guy as the main character/hero but the girls/women in this movie were able to hold on their own, didn't need anyone to save her and they weren't exactly perfect. They had their own flaws, their own inner problems. Hell, one of the women took over a bloody kingdom because the King and Queen were killed and took charge all the while raising two princes. She had help of course, but in the words of Hayao Miyazaki: "They'll need a friend or supporter, but never a savior." THAT'S WHAT I CALL A CHARACTER.

Also, have any of you people wondered about how we only remember a movie's characters by the actors names, and not by role that they played? In a sense, that's both good and bad if you dwell on it further.

And for those of you calling the animation for that Rajini movie groundbreaking in India? Yeah, its still bad. That's the type of animation I see in video games, and The Last of Us has better graphics/animation than this movie does. I'm sorry, mum (and to an extent, Shruti Hassan) but the availability of technology does not excuse you from a cookie-cutter plot and bad animation. We've all seen better, especially if you're an Indian living in North America.

Finally, this is to the Tamil serials that seem to have a one track mind/trend: Would it kill you to create a series that's NOT about love/marriage/family problems and betrayal in its entirety?!

Like I get that it's a huge problem plaguing life in India BUT COME ON, we watch shows and movies to be challenged and entertained. Would it kill you to be a little more creative?! Create a spy series or something! A high schooler's life is nothing to joke about either, you know. (Actually there was a serial called 7-C that was about the life of 7th graders at one point. I wish more Indian serials thought out of the box like that one did.)

For real tho, thank God Netflix is available in India because Indian TV and cinema has absolutely nothing new to watch. Almost every single show and/or movie are basically the same with the starting plot point different.

Onto Tamil dubs. *shivers*

Oh god. My friend said that she once saw Harry Potter in Hindi and it scarred her for life. But I don't think that she has seen the Tamil dubs of any language.

Remember how Doraemon got internationally popular and is still popular to this day?


There's absolutely no emotion or effort going into the Tamil dubs. And what's worse is that the stuff that's aimed for kids gets the worst treatment. I DON'T CARE IF THE STUDIOS DON'T HAVE MONEY TO GET GOOD ACTORS, THE ACTORS THEMSELVES HAVE TO SHOW EFFORT AND PASSION AND NOT GIVE HALF ASSED PERFORMANCES. Geronimo Stilton (yes it has a TV series) and Dora the Explorer are just a few examples. Ratatouille is another example of WTF NO.

Luckily, Animax is a channel that's available in India and has anime in Japanese with subtitles (that's how I was watching Hunter x Hunter over the summer) but also has some anime that has the English dubs like Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakusho and heck, even Fairy Tail (okay this was on another channel and once my 13 year old cousin found out that I had the Fairy Tail movie (because apparently she watched it without her parents thank god), she bugged me for a week to watch it on my laptop.)

And actually some channels had English dubs or even the American shows as is, and there were even movie channels that put stuff like HTTYD, Kung Fu Panda and other English movies (No dubbing whatsoever) so I didn't have to suffer with bad Tamil dubs for the rest of the summer I was visiting India.

And we'll get to the topic of Chhota Bheem very soon. God I can't believe that I actually liked that show when I was ten.

That's pretty much it! :D So do you agree or disagree? Comment below and what you think! :D

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