Boyfriend Austin Mahone Imagine

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''Will you go to prom with me y/n?'' Jacob the hottset guy in school asked.''yes jacob'' 3 days later... Jacob was making out with the head cheerleader.''It isn't what it looks like y/n'' jacob says. ''If you wanted her you should've just said so '' i yell tears streaming down my face. I run to my flat crying and i threw myself on my bed and cryed myself to sleep. I didn't leave my house the next day.Two days later... I sneak in school and start to cry on a bench. ''Why are you crying y/n?'' Austin Mahone asked.I tell him what happend and bite my lip to try preevent from crying more. Austin lifts my chin forcing me to look in his eyes,''I know your insecure you're beautiful,gorgeous ,sweet and he doesn't deserve you''. I blush smiling down at the ground. Austin pov: I lift her chin her eyes looking in my eyes and kiss her.''Will you be my girlfriend y/n?'' ''Of course I will Austin'' she sasy smiling. I pull her in my chest wrap my arms around her and kiss her forehead. Jacob comes up and says,''y/n will you give chance?'' Y/n raises her eyebrows at Jacob and roll her eyes glaring at him. I sat her down punch him and say,''She's mine'' . He falls to the ground I carry her bridal style to my house.I lay her in my bed and pull her to my chest.Y/N pov: Austin is cuddling me to his chest. His arm wraped around my waist. I want to hear the three words every girl wants to hear and for the guy to mean it.I start to fall asleep he kisses my forehead and says,''I love you''. I smile and say,''I love you too'' then fall in a deep sleep wrapped in his arms. Austin pov: Prom is only 4 days away. I already got a tux and a corsge for her. When she wakes up ''Prom is only 4 days away''. She starts to babble about her dress and make up. I kiss her. I carry her bridal style down the stairs andd shegiggles.''you hungry babe'' She nods and goes on her twitter. I cook bacon,eggs and toast. ''Leggo to the mall babe i know you're dying for a dress and makeup.'' She buys a dress shoes perfume and make-up. 3 days later... I got One Direction to sing Little things to her at prom. We slow danced for hours and i kissed her to end the night perfectly.

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