Harry Styles Dirty Imagines

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I am currently re writing these imagines to make them better, so if theres any mistakes, i will be sure to get to them!

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You are waiting for Harry basckstage at another concert in Belgium. You have been told by Harry that he would be out at about 5:30, but it's now 6:10. You decide to peep through the curtains and see where about Harry is on stage and what he's doing as all you can hear was screaming girls, crying and screaming their heads off, you felt like youve had enough and cant wait any longer for him, but you just about see Harry walking around on stage talking to the audience, you felt relieved as he started to wrap it all up.

"(Y/NNNN!)" Harry chants as he lays eyes on you hiding backstage

 "shit!" You whisper as you try to hide yourself. Just as you were going to walk away and sit down in the dressing room, Harry grabs your hand from behind the curtainsand drags you onstage. Everybody already knows you've been dating for almost a year anyway, most people don't have a problem with it anymore.

"This is (Y/N), as you all know." Harry cheekily grins at the audience and then back at you. You go bright red in the face. The whole audience was looking at you, and before you knew it, you were already speeding off the stage. Harry face turns to Niall, embarrased to just get a nod back from him as he shrugs his shoulder.

"Goodnight everyone! Thanks for the show!" Louis pipes out, making it less awkward for them all.

The boys all run off stage after saying goodbye and thank you to the fans and Harry goes to find you.  "Y/N! Where are you? Please, I'm sorry." He looks in his dressing room and there you are, on his bed with your hands on your face.  

"baby" Harry whispers.  

"No Harry, you know I'm upset that the fans hate me and that I hate being there." You whipser. He begins rubbing your back softly and lets out a big sigh. He looks at the door and then looks back at you.  

"I think I know what will cheer you up."

Harry bites his lip as Lust filled into his eyes.

He makes sure the doors lock, you pay attention to his hands and begin to think what he could do with them, oh lord, you thought. He begins kissing your neck, leaving trails of wet kisses all over your body. He gets to your stomach and begins taking your top off slowly, not braking the kiss. You sit up and began unbuckling his belt fastly and he takes off your bra while panting heavily.

You take off your panties and Harry takes off his boxers and lies you on the bed while kissing you everywhere,

"Harry" You whispered.

"I love you baby" He whispers in your ear, making you more turned on than ever. You grab his thick, soft hair and pull him towards you and kissed him hard as you tried to get into position for him.

"T-take your T-shirt off" You laugh at Harry.

"oh" He takes off his t shirt begins staring at you.

"Like what you see, babe?"

"more than like" you smirk.

He grips one of your hand and pulls it to his muscles. He makes you feel his six pack, dragging his hand more lower.

You push him over so you're on top of him and began grabbing him and making him slide into your entrance. He holds your hips, making you slide in and out of him fastly. You tilt your head back in pleasure, making soft moans in the process.

"(Y/N) Don't stop" Harry moans to you as he closes his eyes and tilts his head up. You kiss him on the neck then sneakily nibble on his neck that smelt of a strong, manly perfume.  

Your teeth gripped onto his skin tighter, sucking a spot on him. Once you released, a red spot was formed.

"oh f*ck, you're so tight"

"Harry, shush! someone could here us.." You panic.

You thrusted onto him a few more times before he pulls you off of him. He just laughs at your curiosity and thinks for a while.

"suck me off" He moans.

You don't disobey his orders and you start to get him in your mouth. You motion your hand up and down until you felt him tighten in your touch.

"Let go" He pushes you away from him as he releases his substances.

"My turn" Harry says.

He pushes you on the bed and holds your legs open and rests them on his shoulders. He starts teasing you by kissing your thighs whilst massaging them and moaning closely against your skin. He starts leaving kisses at the top of your pussy which makes you want him inside you again.

"that's enough boredom" He winked before getting up.

He gets his dick and gets ready to go inside you as you lie back down again, getting ready for him. You bite your lip and let out a cheeky smile at his adorableness.

He gets on top of you and rams himself back into you with no hassle, holding your legs up and putting them around his hips.

"Ugh, Harry!" You couldn't help but moan at the pleasure that's going through your whole body. You grab hold of him as he gets faster and faster on you and slows down, going deep in inside you. He thrusts deep into several more times as he moans your name outloud.

He quickly pulls out and ejaculates and you both lie down on the bed.

"I love you baby" He pants as he holds you close to him.

"I love you more" You pull him into a big hug and then you kiss passionately.


you honestly don't know how awkward that was for me to write. Sorry if it was boring or not much happened or anything, just ask me to continue and I will write more!

There will be more Imagines soon, I'll try & add them daily.