[Chapter 5]

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*Jade POV*

Getting to the hospital was the longest ten minutes of my life. We arrived at the hospital as quickly as possible. Sam told me to go on in while he finds a spot to park in.

I flung open the car door and passed the automatic door and hospital personals.
"Where is Perrie Edwards?" I almos slipped by the time I made it to the desk, panting hard as I held on for support. "Wait a minute." She typed on the keyboard, voice disturbingly calm. "She is still in surgery."

"Where can I go? Where's her family?"

"There's a waiting room on the second floor, go to the left once you headed up."

"Thank you."

I rushed to the waiting room where Caitlin was sitting, earphones plugged in her ears as she stared at nothing particular. "Caitlin." I said lightly and sat next to her. She popped the earbuds out. "Hey."

"Where's Debbie?" I asked. "She's in the station, apparently needed to talk to her about something."

"You alright?" I asked as I sat beside her, "Yeah." She said surprisingly calm like the nurse downstairs. I looked around spotting two guys, they look about my age. The squared jaw man paced around as the other one looked into his phone.

"They're the one who saved Perrie." She says as if she read my mind.


"What happened?"

"From what I got from the two. She was harassed while going home, and they came to stop it. But I can't be entirely sure."

"WHAT?" I yelled and the nurses shushed me, I quickly apologized. Was it sexual assault? Why she in surgery then?

"Hey, how is she?" Sam came running at us. "She's still in surgery." I answered, burrying my face in my hand, fustrated. "She's going to be fine." He pulled me in his embrace, his head resting on top of mine.

"Hey Caitlin, long time no see." He greeted the younger girl. I stayed in Sam's arms, listening to them make small talk.


hours and hours already passed, I was starting to get inpatience. Everyone was silently waiting, including the two boys, who refused to leave until they know that Perrie is fine. Debbie has returned, a cup of coffee in her hold, the bags under her eyes visible.

I started pacing back and fourth. "Sit down Jade, you're not helping by panicking." Caitlin tugged on my shirt. "I can't calm down. It's been hours since she's been in there."

"How does the doctors handle this pressure, seeing someone hanging on their lifeline? And why are you acting like you don't care?" I asked the younger geordie. "I do, but there's no point in showing it, it'll change nothing."

Sam caught my hand, sending me a comforting smile as he pulled on his lap. He made me feel a little calmer. "She's going to be fine, just hope for the best." Caitlin squeezed my hand.

"Jade, Caitlin. The doctor." Perrie's mother said, snapping me out of the questions gathering in my head.

"Come on." Caitlin said and I turned to Sam, "I'll wait out here and wait with the boys, you guys go ahead." I nodded my head and followed them to the doctor. "Her abdomen is in critical pain, but they didn't damage any of her vital organs. She might not be able to move for awhile when she wakes up, but with sufficient rest and the right treatment, she'll be alright in no time." The doctor read through his clipboard, biro slowly travelled down as he said the necessities.

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