Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

The next day I woke up a little earlier than expected and instantly went into action. I tip-toed downstairs, took up two frying pans from the kitchen and went back upstairs stood over him and clashed them together causing him to squeal and fall off the bed. Taking up my phone I quickly took a picture of his fire truck underpants.

I laughed so hard that my sides hurt. 'Y-y-you should have s-seen your f-f-face.' I said laughing like crazy he narrowed his eyes. 'I can't believe you scream like a girl oh and nice underpants by the way.' I said waving the phone in his face. 'Paige delete that picture.' He said as he got up slowly making his way towards me. I shook my head as I stepped back. 'Payback's a bitch isn't it.' I said giggling slightly. He then ran after me. I quickly ran into the bathroom and locked it. Then I placed a password on the gallery and with a satisfied smirk got ready for school.

After I got ready for school I say down eating an apple as I waited on Reece to get ready. When he finally came downstairs I gave him a death glare. 'Ready for your first detention Evans?' Reece asked with a smirk. At the mention of detention I widened my eyes in shock. 'SHIT!!!' I said running a hand through my hair. 'What?' Reece asked as we drove off. 'Well thanks to you I already got detention.' 'Your welcome.' He said. I glared at him. 'But I didn't go because I totally forgot.' I said.

He chuckled. 'I would say I feel sorry for you................but I don't.' I rolled my eyes. 'Why am I not surprised.' I said with an icy tone. He then stopped a little bit away from school. 'What?' I asked confused. 'Have you forgotten our routine? Get out.' He said unlocking the doors. I sighed. 'Well I would just hate to...........' I said taking out my phone. 'Send this to everyone.' I watched as his hands tightened around the steering wheel. Payback's a bitch sucker. Muttering a few profanities under his breath he drove off. We managed to make it on time so imagine the stares I got when I came out of his car.

'So what was different this time?' Rachel asked me as she stuffed her face with cookies. 'What?' I asked her confused. 'Don't play stupid, Reece has never dropped you off at school before so what was different this time.' Amanda asked. 'Ok so I may or may not have blackmailed him into carrying me to school.' Rachel and Amanda then leaned in over the table. 'We're listening.'

I then took out my phone typed in the password and showed them the picture. When they saw it they laughed out loud causing us to receive some looks in the cafeteria. 'This is hilarious.' Rachel said wiping her eyes. 'With this picture you have Reece at your full command.' Amanda said. 'I know.' I said. 'So we're planning to hit the mall you coming?' Rachel asked. 'Sorry can't got detention for 3 days.' I said. 'Well that sucks.' With a sigh and a nod I responded.

'I know.'

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