Chapter Seventeen: A Hairy Situation

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Chapter Seventeen: A Hairy Situation


I waited until three more students had turned in their test before I sent one of the girls to check on Kat. Even though I'd heard her comment on me being an old man with the use of the word ditty I could tell something was wrong with her. She was being playful and while I liked it and hoped she would stay that way, something...something about her was just off. The way she carried herself today was just...I wasn't sure and I couldn't tell if she was being truthful about her abnormal sneezes or if she was actually just playing with me. Either way I liked that she was showing some emotions rather than hiding from me.

She hadn't been in there long but I still sent someone to check on her, not liking the coughing she did before she left. When I sent the girl out it earned a look from those who had finished their test. However, the gazes that specifically made me want to rethink checking on Kat where Mr. Harrison and Ms. Austin. One stared at me as if she hated the fact I was showing emotion towards Kat and the other was just from sheer curiosity. And I couldn't blame him. I couldn't explain why I was sending someone to check on her nor did I feel I needed to.

This Harrison boy was...well, a boy. I didn't have to explain myself to him.

I could hear running in the halls and before I could get up and reprimand who I assumed were Kat and the girl sprinting back to class, the girl I'd sent barged in out of breath with a frantic expression on her face.

"Kat, she-she- I shook her but she-she didn't wake up."

I jumped from my seat and followed the girl, ignoring the class that followed me. When I reached her she was lying face down on the ground and my heart sank at how still she was. When I shook her she didn't wake and the class that followed me began a murmur that I tried to tune out as checked her pulse only to realize there was nothing. There was a sickening feeling in my stomach as I called for someone to get help.

She wasn't breathing and I wasn't sure how long she'd been without oxygen. Long enough for her not to have a pulse. I turned her over gently and brushed her colored locks from her face. As I performed CPR on her I couldn't keep the idea of her dying out of my head. The way her body laid there when I'd reached her, the way her lips didn't move against mine as I gave her the kiss of life and what happened to Kathelene if she died? It would destroy her sister.

But before I could get consumed in my thoughts she breathed into my mouth causing me to stop forcing air into her lungs.

Her eyes fluttered as she coughed and gasped then stared up at me. A slight smile formed on her lips that I didn't understand but before she could say anything her eyes rolled back into her skull and she passed out. At least this time she was still breathing.

I wasn't sure if anyone had made the emergency call like I'd commanded and as I looked around I realized my students weren't the only ones standing in the hall watching me as I helped Katerina.

A few classes had crowded along with their teachers and I tried not to meet the instructor's gazes as I lifted her into my arms and began carrying her to the nurses' station in the basement.

However before I could round the corner I heard Ms. Austin say something that made me want to shake some sense into the tiny girl.

"Leave it to the skanky twin to steal all the attention." She sighed. "Like seriously faking dead is so last season."

I ignored her words and got Kat the help she needed while the other teachers ushered the students back into their proper classrooms.

The male nurse looked up when I entered with her in my arms and he told me where I could lay her after asking me what happened.

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