3. Meet The Old Gang

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Isaac POV

I didn't know what she meant so we all nodded, then Angelo just crossed his arms playful and whispered like an old man " I hate you~ " ( this was actually in one of their videos were Jordan got killed by Isaac in the weeping angels mod )

I laughed along with Jane " Hey, aren't you guys gonna pick up your old gang, Fiona? " I asked

" Yeah..... Wait, how did you know?! " she pointed at me " You Complete Stalker! " I laughed again

" Jane told me " I smiled and looked at her, she gave a 'be quiet' look.

Dang she's beautiful

I thought then playful pushed her face away " She texted me "

Then Johnny and Bethany made the Ohhh look ( if you would imagine the gray cat from puss in boots. Then you would know what I mean ) " Love Struck " they sang

" Well, maybe we can go with you.... I-I mean, We can come to the airport if you want " Jordan said the I part I can tell he had a difficult time saying, Fiona stood up and gave a thumbs up. We rushed out the door and saw Mama talking with a ginger head guy ( It's not Ed Sheeran ) Fiona called out to the guy and Jordan asked permission from Mama before leaving, when we got to the pickup. We all sat at the back. When we got to the airport we waited for like 5 seconds, then

" FIONA! " we saw a girl in a punk dress skirt that went down just below the 'thing'. A guy in shorts and a red t-shirt he looked charming. A girl with wavy hair and is dyed red at the bottom and another guy in pants wearing a t-shirt that says " I live you but don't love me " on it

Fiona stood up and all four of them hugged her and lifted her in midair, I looked at Jordan, he doesn't look happy about the guys hugging her. When she was put down
She walked up to us and introduced us to them

" Okay guys. This is Ayesha, John Paul, King, and Jessica " she said all of them waved at us

" This is Jordan. Isaac. Cierra. And Bethany " we waved back at them

" I guess you guys already know Angelo. Johnny and Jane " she motioned them but they didn't look happy at all.... Their actually mad? I wonder why?

3 person view

Ayesha walked up to Jordan and said " Hi I'm Ayesha, but call me Yesh or Ayesha or whatever you want " She sounded a lot like Star from Star vs The Forces Of Evil, then she went up around Jordan's ear, as her hands clanged to his shoulders for support and whispered Are You Taken?

These words made Jordan blush at the fact that he liked Fiona, but the thought of the words just made him think otherwise ( No!!!! ). Ayesha started dancing around Jordan, as she turned around him she slid her hands across his shoulder to the other making Jordan shiver and stiffen ( Not The thing okay. His thing did not went up. He stood straight not the thing )

Fiona was watching the whole thing and she didn't like it. She just tried to look away ended up glaring at her, she felt the pain that she thought had already left her along time ago. But no. It came back.... Jealousy. She hadn't felt jealous in a long time, the last time was when she had a big dang crush on Her long time Friend Miggy. He has and they were both there for each other, but then. When Ayesha came to her life every thing changed, Miggy was about to leave for Australia. He was about to confess to her about his feeling but then " Fiona.... Before I leave I just want to say, that...... That I .... Loved- " he was cut off by Ayesha who dragged Miggy to her house. And when she got to her house, all she saw was clothes on the floor leading upstairs. She slowly looked at the door and heard moans. She saw Ayesha on top of Miggy and........

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