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Dan👌🏻: The reactions from PINOF 7 have been great so far
Read 7:03pm
Phil🐯: That's really good, I was actually worried about how they were going to take it
Read 7:04pm
Dan👌🏻: Yeah, and there were so many heart eye howell and love eyes lester moments in there and I couldn't be bothered to edit them because I'm a lazy ass
Read 7:06pm
Phil🐯: well you are my lazy ass then
Read 7:06pm
Dan👌🏻: fine by me
Read 7:07pm
Phil🐯: the stress mushroom though😂
Read 7:09
Dan👌🏻: please don't remind me, the stuff that was inside it hasn't even come out of the jeans yet
Read 7:10pm
Phil🐯: ................
Read 7:11pm
Dan👌🏻: What???
Read 7:13pm
Phil🐯: I'll let you figure it out
Read 7:14pm
Dan👌🏻: come play Mario Kart
Read 7:14pm
Phil🐯: coming
Read 7:15pm

2K reads???? What is life!1!!1
Thanks so much for your awesome comments, I love reading them :)
(Literally PINOF 7 though fml)

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