Chapter 2

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"Man Wassup wit chu? When you looked at Khaleyah it was like she had yo ass Froze" Will Laughed.

We were sitting in my room playing the game.

"Man Shut up" I Chuckled a little, Nudging him.

I Couldn't get her out of my head. Her face, those eyes. I had never really looked at her that good until today. She Had really grown up since we we're a kid but shit what did I expect? I felt something as she sat in that car staring at me , I couldn't really point out what it was though. It Bothered me, I had never felt that feeling before. It was like someone had lifted me up , like it was only us two like time had stopped, My Heart Started Racing, My Body went numb.

"You know that's Mark Lil Sister right? "

I paused the game we were Playing and frowned at will. "Yeah Nigga, I'm not Trynna get with her " I Lied. Actually . I didn't really know what I wanted.

"Mhm" He Hummed .

"And Plus. Mark said she was movin to California " I Shrugged, Picking up my Playstation 4 Controller.

He turned his attention back to the tv as I Resumed the game.

I didn't know what this girl did to me, Her eyes was the most Beautiful eyes I had ever seen, I would never forget them.

"Shit" I mumbled , Scratching the back of my head, trying to get her out of my mind.

"What? " Will asked Still looking at the tv.

"Nothin..." I shook my head and Continued playing the game.

My Phone buzzed as I turned off the game. It was a text from Yasmine down the street. I Opened it and read it.

"Hey Baby, I need you😘😍💦😉" I Smirked at the text and replied back
"On my Way✊🏾😻😘"

Hopefully this will get her off my mind .

I glanced up to will who was on the bed , His eyes on his phone .

"Aye , Man, I'm Goin to Yasmine house right quick , I'll be back" I stood up and stuffed my phone in my pocket.

"Iight" He kept his eyes on his phone.

I left out the house and made my way down the street to Yasmin's house .

I walked in to her in a Robe and Lingerie. I licked my lips as my eyes scanned her body.

"Damn" I Mumbled.

She smiled, Opening up her robe some more. "Ya Like?"

I nodded, Continuing to look at her body . "Well don't just stand there, come and get It" She bit down on her bottom lip as I walked over and begin kissing her .
My Hands rubbed down her Slim Waist to her rounded hips and made their way down to her Booty.

The Kiss got deeper and deeper.
My Phone started ringing as we got closer to the bed. "Ain't you gone answer that?" She Asked Between Kisses.

"No "

She threw her head back as I planted kisses down her neck.

"Damn Khaleyah, you smell good"

She pushed me away . "Khaleyah? "


Her face Twisted up at me. "Baby, I didn't mean to, I swear-"

"Get the fuck out , Lucas" She Hissed.

"But I'm-"

"Out " She yelled, pointing to the door.

I smacked my lips and left out .

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