Curiousity Killed The Cat.

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  I came back to the dining room still feeling a little uneasy about leaving Masson with Zion but he really looked sincere and concern so I was curious how much and if It's true then there may be hope them after all. I saw Angie now sitting next to Jay having a humorous conversation "Okay Y'all what I miss that was so funny?" I when back and sat with them, "I want in on the Jokes too Y'all always leaving me out when it comes to loud inside jokes." They both answered in Unison that it was nothing really just can't believe Zion drunk a whole damn bottle in two minutes. I just smile but I didn't find it funny because I knew what my girl was going through. 

"Yeah ok so is everyone done eating? Because you know we about to start this new game called Cards Against Humanity I picked up today."

    Angie eyed Jay and got up out her seat " Yes girl we are ready to get this crazy game going." Jay still softly chuckling leaned over and kissed my cheek three times and whispered "we ready baby." I looked at the rest of my friends that I invited and they all were getting up heading to the living room. " Okay, Y'all the rules say a party game for horrible people. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card. I took the cards out and set it up passing out three white cards and one black card to everyone. " I'll go first since I'm the Birthday girl!" Turning over my black card I couldn't help but laugh before everybody started matching they cards together I read it out loud, "Lifetime Presents ______________The story Of ________.


When my baby flip the card over and I looked at what I had in my hand it was only two cards that stood out to me. I kept looking at Angie because she's been giving me that ready to fuck face all night and I was ready to give in and say yeah you can get it. I know it would be messed up to leave my baby on her Birthday to go have a steamy night with Angie but the way little momma was looking had me sweating with lust, I can still taste her skin now.  Angie and I have been flirting off and on and the sexual tension has been building rapidly for the last six months and I could see my self putting in overtime between her thighs every time she comes around I mean what can I say I was curious. Tonight she has been all over me and now I know how hard she feeling me, I'm surprised Day haven't picked up on the chemistry. I mean don't get me wrong Dayjah has been my day one for five years now and I love her with everything I have but our glow in the bedroom has been getting dimmer and dimmer. When we were in college she was the best looking Female on the campus she was lean and shaped like a model but with a little extra junk in her trunk. I was in love with her long legs and small waist and now she has an extra thirty pounds she has been toting around and its starting to spread with stretch marks eww. I snapped out of my thoughts because it was my turn to lay cards down. " Lifetime Presents ... Dick In a Box." I couldn't hold my laughs in anymore because it was wrong and funny at the same time, "The Story Of A Murderous Thrust." I couldn't help but look straight at Angie when I finish reading my card.


I had been Feeling Jay every since I met him hanging from the arm of my roommate now best friend but it seems like the years have done him extra good because here lately I haven't been able to hold back my feelings. What can I say I was curious, curious of what it would feel like with him sleeping between my thighs after hours of him making me say his name. I've been giving him all kind of gestures and been extra touchy when I'm around him but tonight was different. I Came over extra earlier to help Day because I knew Zion Her so-called Best Friend For life wasn't going to be able to because she had to work late. Day had to run to the store and get extra shrimp for her famous dish and she left me decorating the living room and checking up on the pot. 

Jay came home ten minutes later and went straight to his room to jump in the shower. I walked back and watched him unbuttoning his jeans. I stepped closer and he saw me and quickly stopped, " What you doing back here Angie you know my Wife would kill you if she found out you stalking her Husband," he said walking towards me. " You always got jokes huh, ain't nobody stalking you." I lied through my teeth but I didn't care. " Then What are you doing back here? You some help or something?" He said as he walked with me to the front room, turning around I rubbed up against his chest savoring his musty sweat that he had from playing B-ball at the Boys and Girls Club. I looked up into them sexy golden almond eyes as they stared back at me. "I have something to tell you, Jay." He backed up and walked around and sat on the couch so he could hear me out," So what's up?"

   I walked with my heart in my stomach as he stared me down " Well you know I have been feeling you for a long time now and I've always downplayed it or shake the feelings off but here lately I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I mean I know Your married to my best friend and all but I still feel like you were supposed to be mine all these years." He started rubbing his chin " I don't know what to say Angie I mean, to be honest, I been peeping you for a few months now too so I kind of figured you had something for me but I didn't know what you were feeling." He got up and I got closer to him "So what are you saying you feeling me too?" He put his fingertips at the bottom of my chin and pulled my face towards his "That's exactly what I'm saying".

   Our lips connected and I fell in love with the softness and I didn't even mind his sweaty body as I gripped his shoulders pulling him to me. Our kiss deepens as he started unbuttoning my blouse and kissing down my neck and shoulder and every hair on my body stood on end. We both stopped with our lips still locked together as we heard Day pull into the driveway they yelled, " shit!" He ran back to the room and closed the door and I tried to hurry and fix my clothes before she opened the door. Snapping back to reality, looking at him now as he said Murderous Thrust made my thighs moist. I couldn't help but to smile and laugh because in my head I was making love to him all over this couch I'm sitting on.


  We played The game the rest of the night, making fun of everybody and talking about old times and finished off the rest of the bottles that Zion didn't kill. As it started getting late the group got thinner and thinner until there was just me, Jay and Angie. She was a roadie for sticking around for me on my birthday I couldn't ask for a better friend I should try to find her a boyfriend because I hate to see her so lonely. That's what I'll do I know I got the perfect man for her too. The room was spinning and I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore I laid my head on nearest couch pillow for a min. I flash my eyes open once more and my eyes were playing tricks on me. Jay had Angie sitting in his lap and his hand was down her panties while her legs were spread wide open and her back arched leaning into him while she bites his ear his fingers worked inside her panties feeling the room with her sent and I swear I could hear her moan or so I thought.

   I closed my eyes and squeezed them shut raising my head off the pillow I opened my eyes again they were toasting and sipping they wine's glasses and laughing. Shaking my head I wasn't feeling good anymore I still could smell that smell but I guess I was dreaming or seeing things because I know my roadie wouldn't do that to me and I know my husband wasn't a cheater. " okay Y'all I think I'm going crazy or something but I'm too gone I'm about to go to bed and when y'all finish cleaning up the house I'll be waiting to cuddle baby." He came over to me and balanced me as I walked down the hall " ok baby it's going to be shinning when you wake in the morning."

    I pushed his hands off me the sent was stronger the closer he got it smelled like a musty ocean mixed with fresh seafood and cheap fruity body spray. "That was some daydream I was having I don't think I need to drink no more." Rubbing my nose and I staggered to the room and fell in the bed and off to La La Land. What felt like hours later I felt Jay slid in bed and wrapped his arms around me. I wanted to yell at him about the smell that was coming off him but my mouth was mute and my body was too tired to shake him off. I finally fell back to sleep when I became immune but not before hearing Angie's car pull out the driveway.



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