Chapter 15

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When they arrived in Faytum, the Leviathans already charged at them. Thor and the rest fought against the Leviathans. As they did, Zania was being tortured inside the Faytum Palace.

She was tied up in a room. Her wrist and ankles were tied apart. She couldn't move. The Leviathans continued to mock her, wip her, and tease her. Zania was already beginning to pass out.

And that's when Loki grabbed a Leviathan and screamed, "Where is she!"

The Leviathan just laughed. Loki finished it off and looked around.

'Where could she be?' Loki wondered.

Then he heard a loud scream. He recongized it.

He ran towards the palace.

"Brother!" yelled Thor, who was busy fighting the Leviathans.

Loki was suddenly stopped by three Leviathans that were blocking his path.

Loki grinned. Loki pulled out three ice blades and threw it at the Leviathans. They growled and fell to the floor.

Loki continued into the palace.

As he searched for Zania, he killed any Leviathan that stood in his way.

"Where is Loki?" called Fandral, who was outside killing Leviathans.

"He's inside!" Hogun told.

"Thor! Go after him!" Sif said.

"I'm a bit busy at the moment!" Thor exclaimed.

"So are the rest of us!" Volstagg yelled.

Loki went inside a room, and found Zania locked up. The Leviathans around her saw Loki and snarled. They charged at him.

Loki slashed at them and struck them with his ice blade. Once they were killed, he went to Zania.

"Zania," he whispered.

She looked up at him weakly and choked, "Loki."

He looked at her chained up wrists and ankles.

"One moment," he spoke, trying to figure something out.

"They killed...they killed him," she whimpered.


"They killed my father," she whimpered, "Right in front of me."

Loki looked at her and cupped her face in his hands.

He shushed her. "I will get you out of here and we will return to Asgard," he said softly.

He released her from being chained up. He grabbed her and asked, "Can you walk?"

She nods. He grabbed her and ran out the room together.

As they did, they suddenly ran into the leader.

It smirked at them. He looked at Loki and spoke, "God of Mischief? Pleasant suprise."

"Is it?" Loki spoke. Then suddenly the leader groaned and fell to the floor. Behind him was Loki, who held a spear in hand. The fake Loki disappeared next to me. Loki threw down the spear and fetched Zania. He led her out.

"Did you kill him?" she asked.

"Possibly," he spoke.

Apparently Loki didnt, because the leader flinched on the ground and growled.

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