Protect our captain!

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"So~ we need to go after ban and king." I said as I sat on Diane's shoulder next to Meliodas. "Yeah but supposedly kings said to be dead and buried." Meliodas said. "Hey don't you guys think I look sexy?" Diane asked showing her wanted poster.

"Heh. Yeah!" I said giving her a thumbs up. She smiled as she looked back at Meliodas. "well then." He started jumping back onto hawks mom. "First we'll go rescue Ban!" He said. We smiled and nodded our heads.

"No you can't!" Elizabeth said. We looked at her with a little bit of shock. "The first thing we need to do is tend to your injuries!" She said. meliodas just looked at her before he peeked under the front of her skirt. "This'll make me feel better." He mumbled.

My eye twitched as I crumpled up my wanted poster and threw it at his head. He ignored it and went to go and rest. "I should go check on him." Elizabeth said and ran off. I watched as Diane looked angry.

"It's alright Diane....I know how you feel." I said still sitting on her shoulder. She looked at me and sighed. "I don't like it. I mean....I love the captain." She said. I smiled sadly and nodded my head. "Yeah I know you do." She looked at me intently.

"W-what?" I asked. "Why haven't you found your love?" She asked. I blushed a little but it soon disappeared as I laughed. "You know me. I'll never be able to love someone." I said looking down. Suddenly she had picked me up in her hand and held me out in front of her.

"That's not true lunar. I know that you'll find someone!" She said determined. "And I'll help you!" I looked at her in awe but soon smiled. "Yeah. I know you will." Suddenly we heard Elizabeth yell.

I had Diane put me down as I ran in only to see Meliodas on the ground passed out. My eyes widen as I quickly grab him and put him on my back. "Diane!" I yell. I run out and Diane looked worried. "Come on!" I yelled as I jumped onto her shoulder.

She took Meliodas in her hands and we started running to the village ahead. "Wait you two!" Elizabeth and hawk shouted but we didn't listen and kept going. "Hang on captain!" I yelled. When we got to the village all the villagers ran from Diane making me growl.

"Damn these people are so weak." I muttered. Elizabeth and hawk came running up to us. "Please lady Diane let us handle this!" Elizabeth yelled. Diane glared back down at her. "If anyone's going to help the captain it's me!" She yelled.

"You won't be able to help him if you keep scaring people away with your giant form!" Hawk yelled. I glared down at him annoyed. Diane was mad but soon she looked sad. "Alright." she mumbled. They nodded as they ran off.

Diane sat down on the ground with me still on her shoulder. "Diane...I'm sorry." I whispered. She didn't answer me as she looked down at Meliodas. My eyes filled with sadness. 'She loves Meliodas....I want her happy...I made a vow to protect and make them all happy.' I thought.

Soon they had found a doctor and we brought him to get treated. I stayed outside so Diane wouldn't feel lonely. "Why do you stay outside with me? You should help take care of captain." She said. I smiled and put my hands behind my head.

"I know but I want to keep you company to besides Elizabeth and hawk are with him!" I said smiling. She frowned. "Oh come on. Don't be like that." I said sighing as I started to poke her. "I know I want you to be able to help the captain as much as you can." I said.

I leaned my head against her leg and smiled sadly. "I promise once we get Ban I'll sing one of my songs again." I said smiling up at her. "What do you say?" She smiled and nodded her head. "Yeah." Suddenly she stood up catching me by surprise.

"I'm going ahead." She said. I looked up at her shocked. "Wait lady Diane!" Elizabeth yelled. "Don't stop her." I said. She ignored me and tried to get Diane to let her go with her. "Don't you see?! You're the only one who can help captain!" She yelled.

"I'm unable to go inside because of how big I am. I can't do anything but be able to help get captain to where he wants and protect him." She said. "All I want to do is be small." She said quietly. She told Elizabeth how her and Meliodas met.

My eyes were closed as I was leaning against a wall. Soon they snapped open as I stood up straight and looked around. "Huh? Lunar what's wrong?" Elizabeth asked. I grit my teeth as I glared up at the sky. "Look." I growled.

They looked up and we saw a swarm of bugs but not just any bugs. "Poisonous bugs." I mumbled. They came to the village and started to spit out their poison melting everything. "Ah! I can't stand bugs!" Diane cried. I sighed as I jumped away from getting hit.

"If it's Ban we're going to save I don't think he'd be to happy with me getting injured." I said. I looked to see Elizabeth running towards where Meliodas was. "Elizabeth! Look out!" I yelled as I saw the bugs fly over her and spit out their poisons.

"Gah! I don't care if bugs are my weakness! If it means protecting the captain then fine!" Diane yelled. Soon she used her power and we were protected. "Haaaa!" She yelled as she jumped out of the village.

"I'm going on ahead! Take care of the captain princess! Lunar!" She yelled. i watched as she ran off. "Be careful Diane." I whispered as I helped follow after Elizabeth and hawk to Meliodas.

When we got their I saw that he was still sleeping. 'Something's not right.' I thought as my eyes narrowed. "I'm surprised he didn't wake up." Hawk said. "Yeah." Elizabeth agreed. "how's the patient?" The doctor asked walking in. "He's doing good. The medicine you gave him is working very well. He's sleeping so peacefully." Elizabeth said.

"Yeah like he's dead." Hawk said. "Don't say that hawk!" Elizabeth yelled. "...I'm afraid that's correct." He said. I looked at him eyes wide. "You did well." A voice said. We looked around but couldn't find where the voice was coming from.

The doctor explained what he used to make the poison he gave Meliodas. I grit my teeth as my eyes filled with rage. "Show yourself!" Elizabeth yelled. Soon a man in armor appeared. "Hello my princess. I've come to take you back." He said.

I growled as I pulled out my sword. "Change." I whispered. Soon wind surrounded my body as my outfit changed as did my sword. When the wind cleared I was dressed differently.

(It's the picture above.)

"Dark princess." I whispered.

*to be continued*

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