The Lion King 4: Kovu's Pride

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      Now, this is my remake of Lion King 4, what I would like it to be. Ciara and Kovu had a cub and this is her story so please comment below and tell me what you think... im making up the names myself so sorry if its bad. :) Oh and the first bit is being Ciara but the rest will be about her cub... please give it a chance.



   I walked out, Kovu at my side walking proudly. As I turned to my mother Nala as I walked past she nodded her head. Then I and Kovu sat at the top and turned back. Rafiki was following us with my prize posetion in his arms. Kaia. My Little princess.

  He gave us a nod and held her in the air as she swiped for his staff. Kovu smiled and me and rubbed into me with a reassuring purr. All the animal kingdom made sounds of joy and I have never felt so proud. Kaia... My Kaia.


  I woke up by a lick on my back. I turned over to see my mother, kiara's eyes staring into mine. I swiped, playfully. "Where is Zazuu?" I asked, rolling over onto my paws. She turned to kovu who was in a deep conversation with grandpa, Simba.

  I walked over and tried to listen but got bored after a while. Something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. It was heading away from pride rock. I quickly leapt towards it, hurrying to see what it was.

  Luckily, no one had seen me get away. It was a Lion... I think. it was messed up and really dirty and being the princess, i wanted to help it. "Hi" I said, catching up. She glared at me with a nasty look which made me coward back.

  "Are.. y-you lost?" I asked, as polite as I could. She didn't break my gaze, just studied me. "Noo, just looking for someone" She spat.  I let my claws out, digging at the dirt. "Would you like help?" I asked.

   Please say no, please say no!

  "Actually.." She began, slyly " I think I found her. I looked around excited, hoping this would be like an adventure. "Oh darn, there gone, I would loove if you helped me" She sighed, putting on an evil fake pouting face which I thought was real.

  A smile crept across my face. "Sure... princess Kaia at your service" I babbled. She grinned, a nasty grin but of course being young, i didnt understand. She began to walk away from Pride Rock. "Excuse me... My granpa and dad said i have to stay by pride rock" i moaned.

  "Simba.." She hissed under her breath, then she spoke louder. "Don't worry we are not going far" She smiled. I nodded, smiling then walked over to her. "What's your name?" I asked, curiously, wondering why she hadn't told me yet.

  "Zira" She said, without looking at me. I saw her staring at pride rock and she hissed under her breath. I followed her gaze and saw nala, simba, kovu and kiara staring at me in horror. granpa was getting other Lions and my heart began to race as I stared at Zira.

  Then I remembered her name. the evil one who nearly killed ,my father and mother. I ran toward pride rock but it was to late, she had scooped me up in her mouth running away. "daddy!!" I cried, clawing.

  They were all coming quickly but Zira had gotten a head start. Dad shouted something at me or at zira because she faced him and then back to the direction we were going. She stopped at a river and put me down, standing on my tail so i was still caught. The other lions came running around the corner.

  "Don't come any closer, or princess Kaia goes in the river where you sent me to die! Luckily I made it out but at that age, not a chance" She warned. The lions halted and dad had a frightened look in his eyes.

  "Mother, Please" Dad asked, more liked begged. She glared at him. "Hush you! you traitor... killing my baby nuka!!!!" She roared. Hurt rolled into his eyes. The sound of the river rushed behind me so loudly.

  Before Simba could stop himself he leapt for me but it was to late. she threw me in and ran off like a bullet. "Kaia!!" My mother shouted. They began chasing me down the stream as I struggled to keep my head up. "Help!!!" i cried, clawing for trees to hold on but I was rushing past them to quick. Then they had to stop, there was a wall.

  I went under, everything went black as i heard my granpa's cry. "We'll save you!".