Phone number!!!!

45 2 0


I saw her and her friends walking out and I didn't know what to do so I just put my hands over her eyes and said Guess who?

The three of them stopped. The one with brown hair whispered told you and the one with dirty blonde hair was in shock.

Marley stopped and her mouth was wide open. She was about to say something when she crossed her arms and said Gabby is this a prank. I nodded at the one that was apparently named Gabby. Then Gabby said Yes Emily take your hands off her eyes. I took my hands off her eyes. The first thing she did was smack Gabby. I laughed and she slowly turned around and locked eyes with me.

I flashed a smile at her and she did the same to me. She laughed. Then she said Sooo what are you doing over here? I quickly said Coming to see you! Maybe a little too quickly. Emily hit Marley and said Come on we all know you can talk more then that.

This made me laugh.

She is so beautiful! Her eyes are so blue. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Niall.


Emily laughed and muttered to Marley me too.

So I grabbed her phone and put in my number and texted myself. I was pulled away by an angry Niall. And I yelled back at her Text me!


I just got Zayn Malik's number!!!!! I was doing cartwheels on the inside. I turned around to a stunned Emily and Gabby.

I laughed. Emily grabbed me and said Marley all your dreams are coming true!!! Gabby said Did you see Liam's biceps? I rolled my eyes. Then I said come on let's go get food. Emily screamed with joy. Then I stopped in my tracks and Gabby said what is it now!? I pulled out my phone to see a text from Zayn.


Hey do you and your friends want to meet up later? Xx

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