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Alone. That's all I mostly felt anymore. Even when I'm surrounded by my entire family the loneliness never seems to fade away. I just hide it from them, everyone.

Don't get me wrong. I love my family immensely and they make me happy. They are the reason my immortal existence is bearable.

But at the same time, they make it harder on me.

I get that their not doing it on purpose. But seeing them all lovey dovey with their mates..... It's hard at times.

Esme had Carlisle. Rosalie had Emmett. And Jasper had Hayley. The only other unmated vampire in this family besides me was Edward.

Edward....is...well.. Edward. I guess you can say. I don't even think that he wants to find his mate. All he does is brood and mope around in his self-hatred about him being a vampire. I mean come on! Get over it already for Christ sakes! We are fucking all vampires!

I ran out of the house into the crisp night air. I enjoyed running. It cleared my head of everything that was bothering me. I just can't wait till we moved back to Forks. For some reason, I felt the need to be there right now. Like something will be waiting there for me that would change everything. It's somewhat frustrating because I can't get a vision of what it is that is drawing me there, but then again I'm happy cause it will be a surprise to me and I'm rarely surprised.

Signing in frustration I run my fingers through my pixie-like haircut. Checking my phone I see that it is almost 5 in the morning.

"Shit." I've been out all night without realizing. Well, I better get back before the others start to worry. Turning around I ran off towards the house.

I'm about to run up to my room when I reach the house but quickly get called to the living room by Esme.

"Alice dear, could you come into the living room for a bit. Carlisle has something he would like to tell the family."

I wonder what this could be about. I didn't get any visions of anything today.

"Finally short stacks has returned! We've been waiting for you to return for hours! Where did you go." Emmett's voiced boomed as soon as I stepped foot into the room.

Growling lowly at one of his nickname for me. He knows I hate being called short. It's not my damn fault I stopped growing when I reached 5'2"! I smiled when Rosalie slapped him upside his head. I can not m mention enough of how much I love my sister.

"I went out for a run you big oaf. You guys could have simply called me and I would have been here sooner you know." I sat down next to Esme on the couch giggling at the sheepish looks on their face.

Carlisle coughed to gain all our attention. "Well that is true, and I apologize for that. We are just so used to you appearing when we decide to call you."

That's odd. I wonder why I didn't get a vision of that.... Now that I am thinking about it, I haven't been getting as many visions as I use to for a while. I wonder what is causing it. I don't like that something is blocking me and I don't know what it is.

I'm taken out of my thoughts by Carlisle. I noticed Edward looking at me. Most likely reading the thoughts I just had. I really hate his gift to read minds when he intrudes on our privacy on purpose and thinks he has the right to question us about it. Jackass.

I snicker to myself as I see him glareing at me. I'm guessing he didn't appreciate my recent thoughts.

If you don't like what I'm thinking , stop poking around in my mind!

Did I ever mention that Edward is my least favorite in the family. I mean really!

"I wanted all you hear to tell you that Esme and I decided to move back to Fork's early. So we will be leaving as soon as we all pack everything you want to take with you.'

As soon as he sad that I got sucked into a vision.

"The time has finally come. I've waited so long and now we will finally get to meet.... Wait for me..."


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