Chapter Six

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A knock on the door woke her up the next morning. She stood and wrapped the blanket around her while running to the door. She opened it quickly expecting to see Zachary but instead Tim was standing there smiling.

"Good morning, sunshine."

"Good morning." she replied, pulling the blanket tighter around herself.

"You really shouldn't open the door unless you know who's knocking." he said his eyes taking on a more serious look.

"I was expecting Zachary." she insisted.

"I see." he said raising his eyebrow and looking her up and down. Samantha turned red.

"Let me get dressed and I'll meet you outside." she said slamming the door in his face. Samantha used some water from the pitcher and washed herself off before putting on her blue plaid skirt, white sleeveless blouse, form fitting blue denim shirt and her riding boots.

She pulled all her red hair up and held it in place with several clips. She grabbed her sun hat and walked outside. Tim was waiting for her.

"Have you seen, Zachary?" she asked as she walked up beside him.

"Nope sure haven't." he replied. "I'm sure he'll be around soon. I thought he'd be with you this morning or I wouldn't have woken you up."

"Since you woke me up, you can buy me breakfast." Samantha teased.

"Yes ma'am, it would be my pleasure." Tim replied with a charming smile. He held out his arm and she slipped hers through it. They walked down the quiet street to the diner and after ordering their food Tim grabbed Samantha's hand in warning.

"Incoming," he said. "Your old boss spotted you."

"Samantha." James said approaching her table.

"Yes James?" she asked barely sparing him a glance.

"Are you coming into work today?" he demanded.

"Actually no I'm not. My future husband doesn't want me working for you anymore." James looked from Samantha to Tim.

"Your future husband likes my saloon well enough seeing as how he was there last night."

"Actually…." Samantha tried to correct him but James cut her off.

"I guess having one whore isn't enough. He has to keep coming in for more." Tim stood, pushing his chair out of the way and pushing up his sleeves.

"I think, James, that you should watch your mouth just a little better before it gets you in trouble."

"You saying you're gonna fight me?" James demanded taking a step closer to Tim. Tim hoped his apprehension didn't show on his face . He had been in very few fights in his life and he had won even fewer. But he did his best tough guy impression and puffed his chest out.

"Yes I am going to fight you unless you walk away from this table right now." he lowered his voice as he spoke and Samantha had to work very hard to hold back the laugh in her throat.

"It ain't worth fighting over." James said looking down at Samantha.

"Well then get on out of here." Tim replied. James sneered at both of them and then walked out of the diner.

Tim breathed out a sigh of relief as he pulled his chair back in and sat down. Samantha let loose the laugh she'd been holding in.

"It's hard to picture you and Zachary as best friends" she admitted. "You seem so different."

"Yeah we're different." he replied smiling at the pretty blond that sat their plates down. She smiled back and walked away.

"Very different." Samantha agreed. "I don't know if Zachary even knows how to flirt."

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