New kid

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~Riley's pov~
So.. I'm new here at John Quincy Adams high school. I'm honestly both terrified and excited. I'm excited for the chance to make new friends. But I'm terrified of what people will think of me.

I'm walking around, trying to find my locker, when I finally find it. I see a girl with blonde hair right next to my locker. I can feel my cheeks heating up slightly. I open my locker, soon, she slams her locker shut, causing me to jump slightly. "Hey," she starts, looking over at me. "I'm Maya. And who might you be, beautiful?" She asks with a smirk, causing my face to heat up a little more than before. "I-I'm Riley.." I tell her, my voice shaky.

"Hi there, Riley. Why do you sound so scared?" She says as she pins me to the locker. "Are you afraid of me?" She says with a smirk, leaning in slowly. I don't say anything but a small squeek escapes from my lips. "Wow," she starts leaning even closer. "You're adorable." She says as she continues leaning in, our noses touching. I just look into her eyes. She has beautiful eyes..

She soon closes the space between us, feeling her lips on mine. My eyes widen, not knowing what to do. She's a good kisser.. I thought as I begin kissing her back. "Ms. Hart! Get off of my daughter!" Hearing that voice causes my heart to sink. My eyes widen as she quickly pulls away. "You have detention, Ms. Hart!" She looks at him angrily. "WHAT FOR?!?" She asks angrily. "You were late to class." "I wasn't gonna' come anyway!" "And you kissed my daughter." He said sternly, shooting daggers at her with his eyes. She soon stands up tall, crossing her arms, looking him in the eye. "If I have detention, so does she." She said sternly.

"Fine," he starts, causing a smile to come onto her face, "then neither of you have detention." I know I'm going to regret doing this but- "no!" I practically yell, "we deserve detention. We were late, dad." He looks at me shocked, along with Maya. "What? Riley she just kissed you! You can't be serious!" My dad, Cory Matthews says. "I know but you were right, we're late to class. We deserve a detention." He sighs deeply. Soon his dissapointment turns into a smile. "My good girl. Always looking out for others and herself. Okay, you two have detention today after school." He walks into his classroom, leaving Maya and I behind. Maya just looks at me, wide-eyed. "Why would you do that?! We could have both been free!" I look at her for a second, confusion filling me. "Because we were late. We deserve to be in detention." I tell her, remaining the good girl my dad just called me. "But," I start, my face begining to heat up once again, "why did you.." I don't have to finish for her to know what I'm talking about. I notice her face begining to turn red along with mine.

"I couldn't help it.." She says quietly, looking down slightly. "Look," she starts, looking back up at me, "I know it was weird. I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone." She says as she looks right passed me, not making eye contact. "No," I start, getting her attention back onto me, "I never said I didn't like it.." I said, my voice low, a small smile making its way onto my lips. She looks at me shocked. "Wha- wait- but-.. But your dad!" She says shocked, once again wide-eyed. I smirk slightly. "He doesn't have to know." I say as I shrug. "Now lets get to class before he thinks something is up."

We walk into class together, my dad shooting daggers at Maya like he wants to murder her. There are two free seats in the front, we're about to take them when my dad speaks up, "Ms. Hart, you sit up here." He says, pointing at a seat right infront of his desk. She sighs deeply as she looks over at me, a frown plastered on her face. "Riley, you sit in the back. I know you're a good girl." After he says that, I look over at Maya, a smirk on her face as she mouths, "good girl?" with an eyebrow raised, causing my cheeks to warm up slightly.

I quickly look down, taking a seat behind this guy with like, a bowl cut kind of thing. He soon turns around, "lady," he says flirtatiously. I look at him for a second before he continues. "I'm Farkle. What's your name?" He asks sincerely, much unlike Maya did. I smile warmly at him. "I'm Riley." He smiles. "Riley. That's a beautiful name." He says, "so," he starts, "what brings you here, Riley?" I raise an eyebrow at him. "My schedule..?" I answer in more of the form of a question than actually answering. "Farkle! Ms. Hart!" He says, causing Farkle to quickly turn back around. I turn to look at Maya, seeing her head snap to the front of the room. Was she.. Stairing at me?.. A blush rises onto my cheeks by that thought. "Ms. Hart, can I speak to you outside of the classroom please?" Mr. Matthews asks. She sigh deeply as she looks down slightly. "Do I have a choice?" Is all she says as she looks back up at him, getting out of her seat. They leave the room, closing the door behind them. Farkle immedietly turns around to face me, a knowing smile on his face. "So, good girl, what was the look with the rebel about earlier?" He asks, causing my cheeks to heat up quickly. "Uhh.. Wh-what do you mean?.." I choaked out. I soon turn my attention to the door, wondering what my father is telling her. I soon get up, totally blocking out whatever Farkle is saying, going to the door, pressing my ear to it, listening to their conversation. "Good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught." Another boy with a slight accent says, causing my attention to turn to him. "Shut up!" I whisper yelled as my face heats up. I put my ear back on the door, not hearing anymore talking. I get confused, looking through the window, seeing my dad walking towards the door. My eyes widen as I quickly run back to my desk, not wanting my dad to know I was listening- er- attempting to listen.

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