X- "I Want You"

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Greyson pulled up at his house and got out of the car, walking round to the passenger side and gently lifting Indianna up. She was fast asleep and had been the whole journey back.
"Greyson, what happened?" Ace walked out of the house with Kal beside him. "Is she alright?" He gasped, looking at Indianna.
"She's fine, she's in shock."
"Rogues? Where abouts?" Kal wondered, cracking his knuckles.
"No, Rogue. The Rogue," Greyson snapped. "She recognised him."
"Shit," Ace gasped.
"He killed her father."
"What's he doing here?" Kal wondered.
"I'm guessing it's to finish the job," Ace said bitterly.
"No, Indie would be dead already if that was his intent. He may be here for her, but he doesn't want to kill her," Greyson muttered. "Ace, I need you to to take some guys out and search every inch of this town. If you get the chance, kill him. I don't want to take any chances."
"Okay," Ace nodded.
"What are you going to do with Indianna?" Kal wondered.
"Right now, wait till she wakes up," Greyson shrugged. "And Kal, I need you to go to Indianna's mothers house, just keep watch, Rogue might go to her house and I need someone who can get her mother away safely."
"Gotcha," Kal nodded and both him and Ace walked off.
Greyson sighed and looked down at Indianna. "Come on, sugar, let's get you inside." Greyson walked up the steps to the house and went inside, heading straight upstairs to his room and laying Indianna softly on the bed. "You're safe, Indie," he said and sat down on a chair. "You're safe."
Indianna was jolted awake by the image of teeth clamping down on her skin and she gasped, bolting upright in the bed she was in. She frowned and looked down, her bed was not this soft, and it did not have black duvet covers.
Her head snapped from side to side and she jumped in shock when she noticed Greyson sitting in an armchair, looking directly at her.
"Evenin'," he chuckled and Indianna narrowed her eyes at him.
"Where am I?"
"You are at my house."
"What? Why?"
"You got scared because you saw a wolf, I took you back to mine to calm you down once you woke up."
"Oh God!" She gasped. "The wolf! It was the wolf that-"
"Sugar, it wasn't the wolf that attacked you and your family," Greyson said.
"No, it was-"
"There is no way a wolf can get across continents," Greyson said, a sharp edge to his voice. "You're safe, nothing is going to hurt you."
"But it looked so similar..." Indianna murmured.
"It was just a random wolf. Do you get why I didn't want you leaving alone now?"
Indianna shrugged her shoulders and kicked back to duvet covers. She climbed out of the bed and looked at Greyson. "Can you take me home now please?"
Greyson nodded and stood up. "Yes."
"How long was I asleep for?"
"About 45 minutes," Greyson shrugged and held the door open for Indianna. "While you were sleeping, you were having a nightmare."
"No, I wasn't."
*Don't lie, sugar.*
Indianna jumped in shock and Greyson smirked. "Go away," she grumbled.
"I thought you could sense me," Greyson said.
"I can, but when you're constantly in my head I don't know when you're going to talk," she muttered and her eyes scanned Greyson's house as they turned down another corridor. "How big is your house?"
"Fairly large."
"How big is that?"
"Five stories."
"Jheeze," Indianna gasped. "Why do you live in such a huge house?"
"It's not just me that lives here. We have quite a lot of people living under this roof. I guess you could say my parents 'rent' this place out."
"So you have random strangers living with you?"
Greyson chuckled and shook his head. "No, I know everyone here. Ace, Kal and Harry live here, they wanted space away from their parents."
After walking down many flights of stairs Indianna made it to the ground floor and headed to the front door. Greyson followed her out and unlocked his car. His eyes trailed down Indianna's body as she got in and he smirked ever so slightly, walking round the car and climbing into the drivers seat.
"What are you smirking at?" Indianna wondered and Greyson chuckled, starting the car.
"The view," he shrugged and drove away from the house.
Indianna looked back and her eyes widened when she took in the large building Greyson called his home. It was sleek and modern with many floor length windows. The white walls stood out greatly from the dark green trees of the woods that surrounded the house and the size of the house nearly topped the tree's height.
"I thought you said the woods weren't safe, yet you took me to your house that's in the middle of them."
"Who said that I was safe?" Greyson said, arching an eyebrow at Indianna.
"So you're saying that you're dangerous?"
"Isn't that what your mother said about me?"
"I don't really listen to her."
"Listen to me, sugar."
"What are you trying to tell me? That you're dangerous? That the woods are dangerous?"
Greyson shrugged. "Both."
"Why should I stay away from one and not the other?"
Greyson smirked and stopped the car out of Indianna's house. "Because," he leaned over so his face was inches from Indianna's, "you don't want to stay away from me."
Indianna gulped and quickly turned away, yanking at the door handle that wouldn't budge. "Greyson, unlock the doors."
"Indie, stay out of the woods. Please."
"Unlock the door!"
"Listen to what I'm saying!" He said sternly.
"What will you do if I don't stay out?" Indianna said and rolled her eyes.
Greyson narrowed his eyes slightly. "You are extremely difficult, sugar."
"What will you do?"
Greyson sent a quick and sharp pain to Indianna's head and she flinched. "Don't test me, Indianna. I get what I want."
"And what exactly do you want, Greyson?" She wondered.
"You. I want you."

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