IX- Dinner

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"You're not wearing your glasses," Greyson commented when Indianna sat down in the car later than night.
"We're not at school," Indianna shrugged and crossed her arms over her chest. "Where are we going?"
"You're new to this town, you won't know where," he shrugged.
"My mother told me to stay away from you," Indianna said which earned a chuckle from Greyson.
"She's doing a great job at keeping you away from me, isn't she, sugar?" He smirked.
"How do you know her?"
"I'll tell you later."
"You said you'd give me answers."
"But I didn't say when," he shrugged. "By the end of the night some of your questions will be answered."
There wasn't much conversation between the two of of them as they drove to wherever they were going, but it wasn't an awkward silence. It was peaceful and Indianna hated it.
She didn't want to feel comfortable around Greyson, but she couldn't help it.
The music was playing softly on the radio and Indianna reached forward to turn it up at the same time Greyson did. Their hands clashed and Indianna quickly yanked her hand back, not liking the way she felt small tingles at Greyson's touch.
Indianna looked down at her hand and clenched her fingers into a fist. The tingles remained.
"There's no point in trying to hide it," Greyson said casually, glancing at Indianna. "I know you feel them." He trailed his fingers down Indianna's leg and the tingles followed behind.
"Don't touch me," Indianna muttered and went to slap his hand away, but he caught her wrist. "Greyson-"
"You feel the tingles," he said, keeping his eyes on the road. "They feel nice, don't they?"
*Don't lie,* he said. "I'm in your head, remember?"
"Why what?"
"Why do I feel tingles when we touch?"
"We're connected in a way that you won't understand yet," Greyson said simply.
"Is that all you're going to tell me?"
"I can write it down for you, might seem like more information on paper." he smirked and Indianna pulled her wrist from his grasp and hit his shoulder.
"You're so annoying!"
"And I'm also currently driving. I would suggest that you don't hit me unless you want to drive headfirst into a tree, sugar."
"Connected, do you mean the whole mind thing?"
"That comes with the connection," Greyson nodded.
"What's the connection."
"I'm not telling you yet."
"Sugar, there is no point asking me questions that you know I'm not going to answer," Greyson said sternly. "You'll find out the answers when the time is right."
"When is that?"
"When I say so." Greyson suddenly pulled the car to a halt and Indiana looked out of the window to see they were parked outside an Italian restaurant. "Let's go." He climbed out of the car and had already walked round the car to open Indianna's door before she could blink.
Indianna raised an eyebrow at Greyson and shrugged.
"I can be nice, don't look so shocked."
Indianna stepped out of the car and smoothed down her top. She hadn't dressed in anything fancy, just a simple pair of skinny jeans and a black vest top with a sleeveless beige coat. Greyson looked dark and dangerous in a black pair of tight fitting jeans and a white tshirt.
They were the complete opposites.
Indianna was light and Greyson dark.
She was cute and he was scary.
Indianna was an open book to Greyson; he held many secrets yet to be told.
Yet somehow, despite the vast differences, they worked together.
They suited each other.
Opposites attract.
Not that Indianna agreed with that.
"First question, ask," Greyson instructed through a mouthful of pizza.
"My mother, how do you know her?"
"I don't know her personally. The first time we met was when I came to your house. I have however, heard of her, I know who she is."
"She said the same thing," Indianna muttered. "Who is she?"
"You kinda answered your own question just now. She is your mother."
"I'm aware of that, but she also has secrets."
"I can't tell you that now."
"Surprise surprise," Indianna muttered, pushing around her pasta absentmindedly on her plate. "You know about the," Indianna gulped, "attack. How?"
"Your story is famous among certain people. Your father was well respected, he did not deserve to die that way."
"He didn't deserve to die at all," Indianna snapped. "How do you know the story, Greyson?"
"Your story is famous among certain people-"
"You've already said that."
"And it is all I am saying about that subject."
"It's my father! You can't keep something like that from me!"
"Your mother does. She knows the full story, but has she told you?"
"Full story? It was an wolf attack, what more is there to say about it?"
"You'll find out in time, sugar," Greyson shrugged.
"That was my final word on that subject."
Indianna groaned and dropped her fork on her plate. "Greyson," she said seriously. "We can talk in our minds, you can read my thoughts and I feel tingles when we touch, can other people do that."
"Yes, certain people can."
"We... Them... We're not normal are we?"
"Define normal."
Indianna gulped and shook her head, she couldn't believe she was going to say this out loud. "We-"
"Indianna!" A familiar voice cut Indianna off and she turned to see Brooke walk in with Harry's arm round her waist. She walked over to them and looked at Indianna with wide eyes. "Are you two on a date?"
"Sugar, you've broken my heart," Greyson said sarcastically and smirked at Indianna. "Harry, pull up a seat, join us."
"We aren't interrupting anything are we?" Harry wondered and Greyson chuckled.
"Yes, but Indianna will still have the same questions to ask me tomorrow. It can wait."
"I er..." Indianna trailed off and suddenly felt shy. For some strange reason she wasn't quiet and shy around Greyson, maybe it was because she constantly felt angry at him, but now Brooke and Harry were here she didn't feel up to talk. "I'm going to go," she said quietly.
"No you're not," Greyson said and grabbed Indianna's hand firmly, keeping her in her seat. "You're staying. Besides you have no way to get home and I'm not letting you walk alone. It's dangerous at night in this town, you don't know what is wandering in the woods, it's not safe."
Indianna gritted her teeth and thought back to what Greyson said to her mother. 'Pack'.
Wolves were in the woods.
Greyson's eyes flickered to hers and Indianna noticed the pushing feeling in her mind. *Can you tell me the answer or is that classified?* She said bitterly in her head.
*Can you repeat the question?* He smirked.
*Are there wolves in the woods?*
*Would you be scared if I said that there was.*
Indianna gulped and flashes of the attack ran through her mind. The sharp teeth clenching down into her flesh, her screams being drowned out by the loud growls, the human like eyes starting at her as she was pinned to the ground, waiting to be torn apart.
*Yes, I would be terrified.*
An expression of worry flashed across Greyson's face, but it was gone in an instant. *No, there are no wolves in the woods.*
Indianna looked at Greyson and shook her head. *Liar.*
Indianna and Greyson got back to his car and he smirked at her, leaning against the car door.
"What?" Indianna said cautiously.
"You were fine until Harry and Brooklyn joined us, then you turned as quiet as a mouse."
"I'm not good with people," Indianna shrugged. "Can you unlock the car so I can go home?"
"You're fine around me," Greyson grinned, walking up to Indianna and looking down at her.
"Because you constantly annoy the hell out of me."
"No." Greyson shook his head and chuckled. "You are comfortable around me, sugar. You trust me."
"I do not trust you-"
"Deep down, you do," he smirked. "You have to, it's the connection."
"Of course, the fucking connection!" She said sarcastically.
"Language," he tutted, placing his finger over Indianna's lips.
Indianna narrowed her eyes and went to step back, but Greyson span her round and pushed her up against the car.
"Get off me, Greyson," Indianna snapped, trying to think of anything but the tingles that were filling her body.
"Do you really want me to?" He whispered, smirking at Indianna. Greyson placed his hands on the car, either side of Indianna's head and pressed his body close to hers. "What do you actually want me to do, sugar?"
"I-I..." She looked up into Greyson's dark eyes and gulped. "I w-want you to drive me home."
Greyson laughed and briefly cupped Indianna's cheek. "Now you're the liar, Indie."
A loud rustle sounded from the woods across the road when Greyson was opening the car and his attention snapped to it. He narrowed his eyes and stared deep into the woods just as something emerged from the trees.
"Greyson..." Indianna said cautiously, immediately recognising the outline of the thing that had emerged. "It's a-"
"Wolf," Greyson nodded, his whole body tense. He didn't look scared, he looked angry.
The wolf edged closer and Indianna cringed when she saw drool dangling from his yellowing teeth and she gasped when she saw it properly under the light from a street lamp.
"T-that's t-the wolf!" She gasped and stumbled backwards. Greyson was immediately at her side and was holding her up.
"Sugar, you need to get in the car," Greyson said sternly, power oozing from his voice.
"G-Greyson, don't l-leave me!" She said frantically, clutching onto his arm. She had gone as pale as a sheet and was starting to shake.
In fear.
"I'm not going anywhere, I just need you to get in the car for me, Indie. You'll be safe."
"H-how is that possible!" She squeaked, not fighting against Greyson as he urgently but gently pushed her closer to the car. "That thing k-killed my-"
"Shh," Greyson whispered and opened the car door, gently helping a shaking Indianna in. "Sugar-"
The wolf suddenly growled loudly and Indianna squeezed her eyes shut, whimpering quietly.
Greyson slammed the car door and walked round the other side of the car and got in, but not before looking at the wolf in anger. The wolf backed away ever so slightly and Greyson narrowed his eyes.
His red eyes.
"You better be gone by the time I get back to my pack, or I will kill hunt you down and kill you, Rogue!" He spat and threw open his car door and climbed inside, looking over at Indianna who had her knees pulled up to her chest. "Sugar," he said softly and reached over to grab her hand. He linked their fingers together and Indianna didn't pull away. The tingles were reassuring. "You're safe."
"D-drive, Greyson. Please."

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