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Delia doesn't play by the rules. She can kill ten people in under five minutes but can't go anywhere near a nuclear testing facility. Her blood glows beneath her skin like a beacon when ever there's a thunder storm because that's just who she was turned into.

Steve has played by the rules for as long as he can remember. He does everything for the good of the people and knows his limits. His goal has been to keep the good and destroy the bad because that's who he's always been.

The world is under fire and Delia doesn't know why SHIELD wants her help but she goes anyways.

The world is under fire and SHIELD sends Steve to go pick up a rouge assassin in the middle of Scotland. He doesn't know why, but he goes anyways.


Helplessness Blues
fleet foxes

two door cinema club

Baby Came Home 2/Valentines
the neighborhood

The Real Thing

The Sun
two door cinema club

I of the Storm
of monsters and men

bon iver

The Kids Aren't Alright
fall out boy


Natalie Dormer as Delia Birch

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark

Chris Hemsworth as Thor Odinson

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner


Okay so this book may not be 100% correct (plot wise) but I tried. So this will take place before and during the battle of New York and I literally wrote this when I had the Stomach flu and couldn't do anything for a week.

Happy Reading!

lmao I sound like a suburban house wife.


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