Uruha x Reader:『Unintentional』

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He always looks so dejected, as if he has no intention of being there. I always think about the negatives that seem to flow from his aura. I can't help it, its just who he is to me. He can't help how he looks everyday, that's just his neutral expression. Moody and somewhat displeased.

Whenever I see him with the boys he changes, he seems genuinely happy when they're together. He's lively and puts on the cutest smiles. I sometimes wonder if he's trying to torment me with them but that's out of the question. When around me he turns to his usual self, dejected, displeased. It crushes me every time we have our small and slightly awkward talks.

I try to be as civil as I can but his demeanour is always the same. It's as if he never has any interest in me or anyone as a matter of fact. The one man I feel I could connect with can never be bothered to make the effort. In the end, I gave in. He clearly couldn't care less.

It had just gone lunchtime and we had already completed a couple hours of rehersal practice. The band had gone off on their own path and the team went off on theirs. As I was part of the team behind the preparation, I went to the cafeteria with the rest of the crew. As a make-up artist, in my opinion, we have the best job. We get to know the band as people and spend time with them as we apply the vivid palette of eye make-up and crazily style the hair. It's lovely.

The majority of the time I'm assigned to do Kai's make-up, and I'm not complaining or anything because Kai is one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet. He always has a good story to tell, he's very amusing but the thing is... He's not Uruha.

So here I am sat here by my lonesome self pretending to scroll through my phone, just so I look entertained. The Bento is my best friend at the moment as its curing my hunger, but nevertheless I'd rather be talking to him. Understanding him.

And of course the inevitable would happen as I spot him approaching from the corner of my eye. I force myself to suppress a yelp of excitement and try to remain natural. It struck me as bizarre as to why he was in the cafeteria in the first place but that was the least of my worries, he was walking towards me. I sounded like a giddy little schoolgirl in my head. Pretending not to notice a thing around me I continued to aimlessly scroll through my phone, trying not to take a glance at the beautiful man walking closer.

Feeling the warmth of my dizziness hit me I turned my head away, I knew that my cheeks had changed into a brighter colour. I felt the weight of another person take the seat next to me in the booth I sat in and they happened to sit quite close. I subtly set my phone down and mentally inhaled a deep breath as I heard his sweet but solemn sounding voice greet me.


"Hey Uruha, what's wrong?"

He takes a glance of me and huffs.

"Thought I'd just talk to you, it's actually important."

It came across as a bit blunt but it did grab all of my attention. I was all ears for him.

"Please share."

He shifted in his seat and held his eyes down, but I could feel them looking at me. His sad gaze burning into the skin of my legs.

"Why have you stopped talking to me?"

My heart jolted. He must think I've given up on him. Technically I have as a lover but not as a friend. I would never dream of deliberately ignoring him. I lie so I cannot reveal anything that I desperately want to.

"I haven't, it's just that you're always busy. I rarely get the chance to chat anymore and I don't really want to disturb your work."

"Fuck my work, you can talk to me anytime you want. I want you to anyway."

He hovered his fingers over the skin of my arm before delicately placing them down. I could read everything comming from him. I knew what he meant, I just couldn't say anything. I was too nervous.

He sighed.

"I'm sorry if I always look uninterested because that's not the case, I'm always intresed in you. I just find it hard to talk to you without fucking up or freaking out. The bored look on my face doesn't mean a thing, I don't mean it. It's the only way I can keep calm when I see you."

I dropped my chopsticks into the bento box. I felt myself explode on the inside and have the desperate urge to kiss him then and there. I gingerly lay my hand atop of his and held it tightly.

"I'm glad that's how you feel. It's pretty much the same for me, except I always look intimidated. I'm just awkward..."

Uruha shifted closer, I was about to collapse and slide off my seat wishing he would just kiss me.

"You're not awkward, you're cute. Especially when you blush like that."

I was dying on the spot. I held up my fist and bit down on a finger so I couldn't wail out my feelings. It was killing me. I felt his other hand pull my fist away and hold it tightly. Moving even closer to me, right up against my face. Feeling his breath on my lips I noticed him playfully glance at them and back to my watery, shaking eyes. Then that feeling. The feeling of what I had been dreaming about since day one hit me. A kiss.

He was so warm, so soft, it was like being wrapped in a blanket of affection. He hungrily ate away at my lips but let go too soon. I silently begged for him to do it again. His arm wrapped around my lower waist as he rested his head in the crook of my neck. I sensed a smile crawl on to my skin. His smile.

I made him smile.

"You're so adorable. "

I bashfully giggled  as I locked my fingers with his. That dark aura I always used to feel, that dejected look was all gone. He was cured if you will. My voice jittered slightly, it may seem silly but happiness suddenly overwhelmed me.

"You're even cuter when you smile."


Yeahhhh... Super fluffy gay crap. Who doesn't love a good bit of sappy love huh? I do, why did I write that? Idc it's done now and I am definitely not deleting it.

I mean it's Uruha, it's the GazettE, it's the bae's. The next one will be better I promise.

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