Chapter 36: "The rainbow"

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Bifrost (The Rainbow Bridge)

According to myth, Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard, the world of the Aesir tribe of gods, with Midgard, the world of humanity. Bifrost is guarded by the ever-vigilant god Heimdall. During Ragnarok, the giants breach Heimdall's defenses and cross the bridge to storm Asgard and slay the gods.

In a modern context, it's believed Bifrost is a fully harnessed and contained Mega-Nexus with the ability to open doorways to any point in the Megaverse. It has been said by Priests and Priestesses of the Asgardian faith that whoever rightfully sits on the eternal throne controls the Bifrost.

- University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)

"In the final days, the daughter will rise and dethrone one father while another will kneel and reunite his sons, one in shame and defeat, the other with love and humility."

- The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker


Outside AsgardAstrild and Tammy

Something here isn't right, Astrild, Tammy thought, taking in the scene. From her observation position in their duo, Tammy was able to take in more of the scene in front of them than the goddess. We need to throw the breaks on this and take a second to reassess the situation.

"What are you babbling about, Tamara?" Astrild snapped irritably, now distracted from the task at hand. "The host of Asgard stands before us ready to defend the Bifrost, whether it be in their interests or not."

High above the glittering expanse of the Rainbow Bridge, Thor, leading the Hetran flying warriors, swooped toward his father and the Asgardian battle line. The assembled allies, Hetran, Terran, and Frost Giant, had come expecting to face the combined might of the Eternal Realm but instead found a simple vanguard painfully outnumbered, yet unflinching.

Look at it, Astrild, Tammy pled, really look at it. I've shared your memories for more than three centuries. Where is the army? Where are the great champions? Would your father ever do anything as foolish as willingly allow Ast-Murath to rise once more? Does anything about this scene look right to you? She was desperate to make her sister see what was and not what she expected.

"I don't—"Astrild started then stopped, Tammy was right; something was wrong. Concentrating, she opened a mental channel with her elder bother high in skies above the golden realm and her other at the center of the main attack force. "Brothers, can you see what I am seeing; something is very wrong here."

What the hell is happening down there? Tammy asked, her attention still fixed on the scene below.

Astrild turned her attention from the Asgardian defenders to her allies and was stunned. The entirety of the attack's spearhead had come to a halt halfway between the Rift to Jotunheim and the gates of the city.


Hasani and Walter

Black Needles, Hetrans, and the combined host of Frost Giants followed the Human King and High Princess of Jotunheim into the breach. The length and breadth of the Bifrost lay clear before them. At the far end, the City Guard of Asgard stood in formation, braced for the oncoming surge.

This is not right, Hasani thought as she drew her blades. This is not how the warriors of Asgard should be responding. She tilted her head to speak to her partner and love, but with the wisdom of Athena he beat her to it.

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