[CLOSED] #JustWriteDay - A Bad Dream

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Hey there, Star Wars Fans!

We've teamed up with JustWriteIt & the rest of the Fanfic profiles run by the Ambassadors...






...to bring you what is sure to be the best JWD challenge, ever! Are you ready?!

The Prompt: A Bad Dream

You are a fan of one of the famous characters. One day you read/hear the news of their death. What will happen to you then? How will you react when you wake up and learn that this was all a dream?

Of course, it goes without saying that we want to read as many Star Wars-type entries for this prompt as possible!

The Fine Print

 - As the #JustWriteDay challenge is a collaboration between JustWriteIt and the ambassador-managed Fanfic profiles, your story must qualify as a fan fiction.

 - We can only accept stories written in English. Unfortunately we have no other language capabilities at this time.

 - Your entry can be no longer than 500 words.

 - You have exactly 24 hours to complete your masterpiece, from 12:00 AM EST March 31 to 12:00 PM EST April 1, 2019.

 - Publish your story on your own profile, either as a new story or as a new chapter in an existing anthology. We cannot accept pre-written or multi-chapter stories.

 - Please consult JustWriteIt's guidelines for more information. They're the ones running this show - we're simply along for the kicks!

 - The best entries of this challenge will be featured in the #JustWriteDay anthology, and all featured writers will receive a sticker and a shout out from JustWriteIt profile.

 - To submit your story fill out this form. Failing to submit in such a way will result in your story being considered illegible. However, we encourage you to post the direct link to your entries in the comments' section below! Share your work with your fellow Star Wars fans!

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