It's A New Day

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Joseph POV

"Welcome to training camp! High school is over boys. This is college ball so We don't have time for games and your whining and bitching of things you don't think are fair. Work hard and play hard. " Dean was giving the freshman his welcoming speech and laying out the rules and regulations.

I got my game face on and I'm ready. After these few days of getting the paperwork in order and watching endless game videos, I was ready to get into action.

"This is my co-coach partner, Georgia Tech alumni, Joseph Anoai'." Dean introduced me. I cleared my throat and stepped forward. " We are your coaches. I may be the head coach, but he is my adviser being that he has played for this team before." Dean nods at me signaling me to talk.

" Like he said I am also the coach for this team. This is my first year teaching here but it was not long ago I was playing this sport. I was the captain and I played with a few teams in the leagues. You can call me Coach Anoai' or just Coach. I expect you to respect each other and us. Like Coach Ambrose said, this ain't high school anymore. This is real ball. If you want a future out of this, come to practice on time and make sure you come with a purpose to be better than the day before. Some of you are on scholarship so make sure when school starts in a few weeks you hit the books and keep your grades up. All the requirements or on your welcome portfolios so I ain't gonna dwell on that part. Any questions before we start?" I looked around and I saw a hand go up. I looked at the boy and nodded.

"You said you played ball right?" The blond haired kid asked.


" How come you are not playing anymore?"

"I didn't get drafted and so I went to play for a couple leagues then decided to just come back here."

He looked at me with this knowing look like he had another reason for asking the question.

" So basically you weren't good enough and you bummed around till you became a coach here?" He sneered and some of the players snickered and whispers were going around. I tensed up. Son of a bitch. Dean opened his mouth about to say something but I stopped him. I started my way over to him.

"Stand up." I told him. He got up and looked at me as we were now face to face. He had this cocky grin.

"Whats your name boy?"

He smiled before answering, " Ryan Whitmore." This dude fresh out of high school and think he is the shit. I smirked, " Wanna say what you just said again?" He looked at me raising an eyebrow before responding.

"I'm sorry if I offended you but I was merely making an observation," he said before smirking again. I'm bout to knock his ass out.

" Ryan I suggest you check yourself and learn how to respect your coach. Like I said before I don't tolerate disrespect. Continue that attitude and you gon' find yourself sitting on the bench for this season and be running suicides all through out practice TILL YOU WANNA ACTUALLY WANNA COMMIT SUICIDE. DO I MAKE MYSELF FUCKING CLEAR WHITMORE!" He wiped the smirk on his face in a flash and was stiff. That will his dumb ass not to mess with me. He lucky I don't lay him out, but I need this job.

"Yes Sir," he firmly said.

"Good. Now sit your ass down," I gritted out trying to calm myself. He scurried back to his spot and I looked at the other players and they had serious looks on their faces. Good. I don't got time for fucking child's play. I walked back to my spot and Dean just looked at me smirking. I just shrugged and waited for him to continue.

"Well, anybody else got a question?"Nobody raised their hand.

"Alright Lets get started!" I yelled. This about to be a long afternoon.....


I locked my office door and walked out of the building. Practice was chaotic but what else can you expect. We should have things running smoothly soon. Man I;m tired.

I got in my car and drove to the bar. I'm supposed to be meeting Dean there. He probably wants to talk about what happened in practice. I'm not usually a heated person but I can't take shit from dick heads. I may have anger problems but he lucky I din't take them out on him.

I parked my car and got out locking it. I went in the bar and walked around trying to spot Dean. I heard my name being called and I turned around and saw him. I walked to the bar stool next to him and sat down. I greeted him and ordered myself a beer. "Practice was something else huh?" Dean said.

I sighed and nodded. " Just remember to keep your cool bro. These kids are still reaping from their high school praises. So when the rest of the team gets here they will whip them into shape." I took a sip of my beer agreeing with him.

"Yeah, but I swear that kid and I gonna have some problems if he keeps up with his bullshit." Dean just shook his head and laughed. " He looked like he was gonna shit himself when you confronted his ass, " Dean continued laughing. "He was wasn't he," I joined in Deans laughing. We kept laughing and talking about how practice went.

"JOE?!" A voice squealed. I swear my eardrum was about to ring. I put my beer down and turned around. Ahh shit, I ain't got time for this. It's been a long ass day already.

"Hey Summer," I said in a bored tone.

"Hey baby how yah been?" she purred sitting next to me. I just shrugged.

"Well did you miss me babe?" she asked. Dean just laughed beside me. Why me?

"Summer what exactly is it that you want from me?" I asked reaching my limit. I was irritated by her presence. I don't know how I had patience for girls like this before. She just scooted closer to me.

"Why are you being like this Joe bear? Aren't you happy to see me?" she asked touching my arm trying to get closer to me. I picked up her hand from my arm and dropped it on the counter.

"No." I stated simply. She looked at me shocked and Dean busted out laughing.

" Oh well I heard your back at the school. Going backwards now are we?" she sneered. I didn't answer.

"Well I gotta go my boyfriend is waiting for me. At least he has a future," she scoffed leaving. Bitch.

Robin POV

I've been here for a few days now and I'm settled into my apartment. I talked to my brother the day I landed and he said my parents could careless. In their words, " Good bye to bad rubbish." They also said I would not be able to make it and that I would be crawling back.


I have been in a depressed state ever since I got here. It's not like I was magically going to become a new person over night. I'm still the same person with a lot of issues. Been here three days and I get nightmares that I'm back at that house again. I find myself crying at random times. Why can't i just be a normal person?

I seriously need to get myself in check before school starts. I can't fall apart in class. I took online classes back in Maryland so I'm in the grade I should be. I haven't really interacted with people so actually attending class will be different. How am I going to survive college. I signed up so I can get an education but I never thought of this part.

I pulled the covers up and snuggled a little closer to my pillow. I'm actually here. In my own apartment and in my own bed. It still feels unreal. Thank goodness I have enough money to cover rent for a few months before I have to start working again because I can't see myself leaving this bed anytime soon. I'm hungry but I don't want to leave this bed to get something to eat.

It's like everything I went through finally dawned on me and I'm feeling the effects of it now. I'm pretty sure I stink because I haven't showered since I landed. Cry and Sleep is the only thing on my mind now. My body is still sore from the beatings of last weak. The flash backs keep coming and the tears are back again.

I start sobbing uncontrollably. I'm all alone with no one to turn to and talk to. I just want to crawl in a whole and die. My life is miserable and I wish I had a reason to live. Just take the pain away........


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