Just Go With The Flow

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Robin POV

This week definitely gone by pretty fast. I was able to order my furniture earlier this week and now I am set and ready to go.  I have my plane tickets and all my bags packed and I'm leaving at midnight to catch my flight.

I looked around my room checking to see if I missed anything.

Walking into the bathroom for the last time for anything I missed I rubbed my hands together calming my nerves. Okay I'm all set. I  had to pack everything bit by bit through out the week between chores and my babysitting job. I glanced at the clock, 10:30 am*.  I left my room and started cleaning the house.

Even though this week flew by, I still had to endure my parents and sisters wrath. I don't know how I have survived all these years but today is the last day of this.

My body ached with welts and bruises all over from the beatings last night. I had overslept after a long day of errands then tending to my family's needs, and breakfast was late for them. My Dad made sure to teach me a lesson. I was exhausted in every aspect and hoped that maybe I will get rest on the plane.

I have been on a twice in my life and both experiences were pretty cool. I managed to get economy tickets for my flight with the amount of money I had. My brother was aware of him taking me to the airport tonight. I doubt my parents will care once I am gone considering they have said life would be better off without me here and that I am only good for cooking and cleaning. 

By the time I was done cleaning it was 12:30 and my parents and sisters will be home from the country soon.

I put the cleaning supplies away and walked into the kitchen. I pulled out the ingredients from the fridge and cabinets and started preparing their sandwiches. I hummed a tune to keep my mind from racing from all the things that can go wrong tonight.

What if they find out I'm leaving?

What if I don't like it in Florida?

What if I lose my scholarship?

I shook my head.

No things have to work out.

There is no going back now because I already sat things in motion.

Finishing with setting the meal walked out and set the tables. Everyone arrived and filled the seats on the dining table. I shuffled out of the room and headed towards the kitchen. I cleaned the mess up and sat down.

I pulled my new phone from my pocket and sent a message to the babysitting agency letting them know I was resigning from their agency. I like my new phone considering I was using an old flip phone all these years. I got a good deal from the store settling for a touch  screen phone. I don't have any contacts now except my brother, school contacts, the landlord and the movers bringing my furniture.

Man I'm lame.

I put my phone securely back in my pocket and pulled my sweater down to cover it.  My brother came in with a few plates in his hand and I quickly stood up and helped him.

" So you ready for project 'I'm out this bitch'?" my brother asked putting the plates in the sink. I nodded.

"Yeah I'm ready. Your still taking me to the airport tonight right?" I asked nervously.

"Wait that's tonight?" My brother looked at me puzzled and my heart dropped. He laughed then pointed at my face.

" Chill sis I'm joking. Your face almost went pale. Yeah I'm taking you." he laughed a little more before leaving the kitchen.

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