Growing Old Is Getting Old

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Robin POV

My whole back was sore and in a great deal of pain. I laid on my belly face down muffled on my pillow. I had been laying here for about two hours since the beating. I stopped crying a while ago but I still felt the need to cry some more.

I carefully sat up from my bed kneeling on my knees and looking around the room. I should probably start packing little by little so I can be ready by the time I leave. I wiped my nose with the sleeves of my sweater and got up from the desk walking towards my desk.

I sat down on it careful not to lean back. I turned on my old desktop computer.

I grabbed my flip phone from the side of the keyboard. Opened it to see if I had any messages from parents wanting me to babysit next week. I quickly saved a few dates on my phone for next week and put it on the charger.

The old computer finally started up to the homepage. I took out my notepad from my drawer and grabbed my pen off my pencil holder. Okay first I have to buy myself a new phone and laptop. Then I have to look for a small apartment for myself by the campus.

Oh! Furniture!

Just enough for me to be comfortable. I set my pen down and went on the Georgia tech school website.

I stood up going back towards my back pack and took the letter out from yesterday. I sat back down and typing my new student information in. I saw that I got a scholarship covering my tuition and book expenses. I would jump for joy but I am way to sore for that. I set up the necessary stuff accepting my admission to the school.

I skimmed through the photos they had giving me a sense of where I will be learning. Sure I seen the website many times but this time it's different because I will be going to be learning there for real.

I logged out and checked my savings account to give me an idea of what I can afford now. I had been working with the babysitting agency for almost three years now and I had been saving for my departure. I looked at my balance slightly squinting. I think I have enough. I would have to buy my phone and laptop sometime this week. I had to make sure my parents don't see them. Hell they don't even know I am making money from my babysitting jobs. They think I am volunteering. If they knew i was making money the would make me quit.

They only agreed to letting me doing it because it would give me something to do other than wasting away in this house. Plus I don't think my brother would be able to finance my escape because even though he does care about me on some weird level of his, he would rather not spend that kind of money on me.

I surfed the web looking for apartments not too far from the school. Most were a bit out of my price range until I came across an apartment complex. The price was just enough to get me by for a few months before I have to get a job. A job!! Dang I have to find work there. I sighed adding another thing I have to do on my list. I called the apartment complex landlord and asked him for more information about his apartments.

I nodded sounding pleased with everything he was telling me. I told him to go ahead and save an apartment for me on the third floor. I have always had a thing of having a high balcony. He set up the contract and everything so I would just have to sign and get the keys when I get there next Sunday.

This is all so real now. I checked off a few things on my list. I glanced at the clock 5:30 pm. Wow time goes by fast. I have to start getting dinner ready. My parents did not want to hire a maid because they do not want people finding out about what goes on behind closed doors. I logged out of everything, quickly writing down a few things I still need to do before putting my things away. I walked out of my room and went downstairs and started making dinner.

Six more days of this before I say goodbye to Maryland and say hello to sunny Tampa.

Joseph POV

After dealing with the movers at my new house I went to the school and went to my office opposite the boys locker room. I sat my box down on the desk taking a look around. Well looks this going to be my new work space. I cleared off a few things and took a few of my belongings around the box and place them around.

I took a seat behind my desk and sighed. I looked around proud of my mark. Now it looked more too my liking.

I grabbed the stack papers on the edge of my desk and slid them closer to me. Flipping through a few of the papers I saw it was mainly just information on the new players coming in a few weeks. Now I have to go through them and watch their tapes. I groaned thinking this was like doing homework again. I can't wait for the actual coaching part of this job.

I put one of the tapes in DVD player at the corner of the room. I turned the T.V on and sat back down on the desk chair. I watched the tapes making notes of the players on their files. After a while I paused the T.V. My eyes were watering from watching the television for too long. The door opened revealing Dean and Colby.

" Hey guys what are you doing here?" I asked rubbing my eyes and leaning back on my chair. They took a seat in front of my desk.

" Same as you," Dean said pointing to the paused screen and the papers in front me.

"I just got here. So you ready to go?" Colby asked. I furrowed my eyebrows looking at him confused. Dean noticed my expression before answering, " We are going to a club not too far from here. The girls are gonna meet us there." I shook my head already knowing my answer.

"No. I will pass you guys can go ahead. I have to get settled in my new house. Plus I end up as some type of wheel anyways." I know how this plays out, we all go and the flirt with their girlfriends and wives and I am there sitting like some fucking weirdo. Before I would just pick some chick up but I'm not into randoms anymore. Not they ever ended up home with me anyways.

"Come on you won't. We could find you hot chick or something," Colby suggested.

" Nah I'm good. I'm not into that scene so much these days. I rather go home and chill there. Maybe y'all can come to my place sometime."

"Sure we would love to see the new home of Joe," Dean replied. I chuckled shaking my head.

After a few minutes of talking the left. I stood up walking towards the window. It was almost 9 pm so it was dark outside.

I looked towards the lights shinning on the football field. It's kind of hard to believe I used to play on that very field. Now I am a coach. Better a coach then a bum. I can't help but get this feeling that this school year will bring something new. But what it is it?

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