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"The Powers have been around since before humankind. In fact, they were the dominant species on Earth-4 before we migrated here. They looked exactly like us, except for two antennae on their heads. Once we understood their destructive capabilities, then we knew what we had to do: take over the planet. President, then General Lewis led the charge against the Powers, leading us to victory and gaining us control of the planet. The Powers were nearly extinct, with a few of the creatures still living in remote parts of the planet. Now, our army has wiped out every last one, enabling us to live safely in conjunction with the nature of this Earth-4."

As if I hadn't read this fifteen thousand times. It's staple knowledge for anyone born on Earth-4. It's the basis of our society. And yet they feel the need to remind us of it every single day. I set my book down just slightly too loudly and set my chin in my hand, staring at the clock. Ten whole minutes until the period ends. Whee. I look around at everyone else, who is either finishing up or also done. We all exchange a glance of mutual boredom. Mrs. Kaiser, who is so old some people say is from the original Earth, is asleep at her desk. Since I have the opportunity and the time, I grab a slingshot from under my desk, and rip a piece of paper off of my notebook, starting to chew it up. Once it's the right texture, I pull it out of my mouth and load it, ready to fire on the teacher. My aim is true and sure. Mrs. Kaiser's forehead is sure to have a spitball on it. Then he walks in. 

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