Chapter 38

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As soon as Harry had left the corridor, Jools leaned back smugly against the wall.  For the past four weeks, Jools had hoped that the evidence against him would be exposed as having been fabricated.  For how difficult was it to put his head on someone else’s body in a photograph?  

Jools, however, never expected the video footage, as crisp as it had been filmed more than twelve years earlier and done so at such close range.  Oksana had been sitting right in front of him when she had positioned the camera, catching him speaking in every angle imaginable that left no doubt as to his identity.  

Now the video footage, Jools had to agree, was quite difficult to fake.

And that was what had turned the tide against him.  Even his wife, the honorable Queen’s Counsel had turned away from his gaze when the videos were played, one after the other, her face turning pale and her eyes boring into him coldly when she finally did look at him.  

When Jools demanded to know who had handed them over, they simply told them that a reliable source had done so.

“A girl whose sanity has been questioned constantly, who has been deemed three times by the Family courts to be a danger to her own child?”

But Richard Dolby, current head of the JIC, simply shook his head, his face in a frozen grimace.  How many times had Jools dined with Richard and his family? How often had they shared a glass of cognac at the gentleman’s club where they were members?  More than he could count, Jools thought, but today, as he stood before Richard and the rest of the tribunal, none of those late night meetings and social gatherings could help him now.

“The source is very reliable, Mr Siviter,” Richard simply said again.  “To be quite frank with you, the source of this report and evidence could even be anonymous, for all the tribunal cares.  What matters is that the evidence is authentic and quite impossible to deny.  We've had the tapes analyzed and every laboratory has returned with the same conclusion.  They're authentic.  At this point, it does not matter how the evidence got to us.”

But Alexa George was instrumental in getting the evidence to the JIC, Jools thought, even if the tribunal couldn't have cared if an ape had walked into Whitehall and handed it all over.    She was the one who had tracked it down at the brothel and gave it to the right people, who then handed it over to the JIC. 

It did not matter whether the drop had been done anonymously, Jools thought.  She was still the messenger.  Because of that, Alexa would never be free of the threat of Jools wanting to exact vengeance for what she had eventually caused - his downfall.  

For as of last night, when Jools had received the information about a letter recently arrived for Harry Pearce from the biomedical laboratory known for paternity testing, he knew then how he would get back at the very man who had betrayed him. 

Oh, Harry, Jools smiled. You made it so easy for me.  I would never have touched Alexa had she remained your daughter.  

But the latest results of the paternity testing Harry had requested, using the DNA of another man he suspected to be Alexa’s real father - prompted by the man’s sudden appearance in London - was a godsend for Jools.  

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