Chapter 1- Part 2 of 4 - Hurt pride

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This Chapter goes to Happywithafixoffame, one of my first fans = ) and she really motivated me with her comments she a very energetic individual I most say 


       His shoulder was pulsing as he ran down the wet sidewalk from the large hotel. He looked back to see the purple eyed beauty watching from the balcony as he ran for dear life. He didn’t even realize it was raining. It was dark as the lightning danced across the night sky followed by the roar of the thunder shaking the earth beneath him. The rain came harder and harder. It was as if nature itself was telling him to take to his heels. He had no idea where he was going; he just felt his heart racing and knew that he had to get away, as far away from that place as possible. So he picked up his pace as he stumbled and tripped, running down block after block and cutting through alley ways.

        “That can’t be right, her face, I must be going crazy,” he mumbled as he ran “Where the hell am I, damn it!?” he cursed, terror in his voice, as took another turn. Water drenched him making him feel weighed down as his lack of traction caused him to skid down yet another ally.

    Lance finally buckled and stopped under a nearby bridge. He started to assess where he was. It was Elizabeth Park. He slowly got his bearings, but then he started to question how long he had been running, how he got there, what time it was and what he would tell his parents. Suddenly, he heard a female voice…

             “The Lost, Banished Heir,” his eyes flashed around him trying to pin point where the voice was coming from, but it seemed as if it was everywhere. “You have no idea what you are, do you? Let me inform you. You are the reincarnation of Cain, the banished heir,” Lance was puzzled by the voice but listened intently while slowly looking for something to arm himself with. The rain was still coming down but the voice was clear as day. He look around and above to the bridge to try and find anything but to no avail.

                 “You think that it's by accident your name is Lance, a spear that translates to Cain… silly child.  You think that it's by chance that you have that very mark on your shoulder" the voice paused a moment "… they are looking for you and they want your soul Lance… be warned” Lance was looking everywhere to find this voice but was unable to find it. His frustration grew and soon he lashed out, his fear now washed away with the rain leaving a coarseness and bravado behind.

                 “Where are you!? Show yourself!!… What is this all about?!?!” 

                  “Get home Lance... it’s late.” her voice slowly faded as he looked around in disbelief, trying to assess everything that was happening. The rain had finally let up and the air was still as he watched a bird fly from a nearby tree. He sank to his knees questioning what this was all about and thinking on what he was just told. It was a lot to take in and nothing made sense, so he tried to calm himself and get home because the voice was right. He needed to get home.

           He arrived home at around five in the morning, he was beaten, soaked and smelled of the San Francisco streets, but luckily it was the weekend. He snuck in through the back and crashed in his bed, tired, beaten and confused. All he wanted to do was rest and then later dissect what had happened that night. A few minutes passed before he was in deep sleep. 

                   “Get away from me!” Lance yelled. A figure towered over him like an obelisk as it walked towards him with a purple aura and a War Hammer over his shoulder, while six other lights hovered overhead. Lance ran and ran but it was as if he was going nowhere and the massive creature was still closing in behind him. All lights were gone in a flash and only a slim pathway lay in front of him as he ran for dear life, calling and screaming for help, his heart pumping out of his chest. He wondered if this creature was working with the woman from the club or if it was what the voice had warned him about in the park.

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