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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1- The Secret's of a Prince

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I do not own Merlin or any of the characters. I'm not sure how this story's going to work out but if you like it please comment.


“YOU!” shouted Arthur as he entered the throne room. Merlin quickly scurried along behind him attempting to calm him down.

“Please sire…. The witch, she tried this before. Maybe it’s just another trick.”

“Maybe this… maybe that…. Grow a back bone Merlin. He murdered my mother, his wife. He’s a sick bastard and he’s going to pay for what he did.”

“Son...” Uther said calmly “Whatever made you think I did such a horrible thing. You can’t just come into my throne room and start saying things like that.” Uther got to his feet and went to walk away from his son. However Arthur was quicker than him and quickly brandished his sword. He placed it in front of Uther’s neck and forced his father down into his seat again.

“Tell me the truth.” Arthur said menacingly.

“Guards, restrain him.” Uther called out to the two guards that were watching from the other side of the room. One of them took Arthur’s sword the other pinned him to the ground in front of his father. As Arthur struggled to get up the other guard also pinned him down.

Suddenly Arthur felt his hands grow warm and his body was filled with the strength of a hundred men. He threw the two guards off him then started to walk towards his father.

As Merlin turned to Arthur he knew something was wrong, Arthur was string but there was no way he could throw two men off him like that. As Arthur go to his feet and faced the king Merlin noticed that two balls of fire were slowly growing in Arthur’s hands.

“Arthur stop!” Merlin called out and Arthur turned to face him.

Merlin let out a gasp of surprise as Arthur’s usually blue eyes were gold. The same gold Merlin knew his eyes went when he used magic. Wow Merlin thought to himself Arthur is of magic.

If Merlin thought about it Arthur must have known for a week or so. He had been grumpy, irritable and had seemed conflicted for about that long. Poor Arthur, Merlin couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be brainwashed into hating something for your entire life, then to realise that you were what you had been told to hate. Merlin felt more compassion towards Arthur than he had for anyone before.

“TELL ME THE TRUTH. DID YOU MURDER MY MOTHER?” Arthur’s loud shout snapped Merlin out of his daydream. This had obviously pushed his father over the edge as Uther then yelled at his son with venom and hatred in his voice.

“YES I MURDERED HER; YOU WORTHLESS LITTLE SWINE NOW GET OUT!” Uther shouted. In that moment all of Arthur’s previous energy seemed to leave him and his eyes returned to their previous blue. He looked at his father and felt betrayed. “Your mother was a sorceress, like I guess you are now.” Uther paused to catch his breath for a moment “She was swine, she was filth. If I’d known what she was I never would have married her. The only reason I’ve kept you this long is because I thought you hadn’t inherited her magic.” Arthur looked hurt and betrayed as his father finished his last sentence. “So get out of my kingdom now… you are no son of mine.” Uther called the guards over “Kill Arthur..” Uther had an evil glint in his eye and smiled as he said “If he doesn’t get out in time.”

Arthur quickly made for the door but the guards started to give chase. Merlin then made a split second decision as Arthur ran past him out of the room Merlin followed. As he exited the room he turned around and created a wall of fire to stop the guards from following.

“Stop him as well. He’s a wizard too!” Uther called but the guards could not pass Merlin’s wall of fire.

Merlin quickly caught up with Arthur.

“I know where to go.” Said Merlin as he took hold of Arthur’s arm “But there’s something I need to get first.”

“Merlin this is no time for collecting personal belongings!” retaliated Arthur.

“Actually I think you’ll find what I’m about to get very useful.”

Merlin ran through Gaius’s room then into his. He grabbed his old brown rucksack off the dirty, messy floor and picked up his staff and his magic books from their hiding place.

Arthur gave Merlin an odd look as he ran out of his room carrying a bag and what looked like a staff but he didn’t question it. He just needed to get out of Camelot as quickly as possible.

“Ready to go?” asked Merlin

“No I’m going to wait until the guards find me because strangely enough I’ve always wanted to die screaming.” Arthur said sarcastically.

“Really?” asked Merlin.

“No you muppet, now lets go!” Arthur pulled Merlin out in front of him. “Come on lead the way. You know where we’re going.

Merlin laughed as he and Arthur ran towards she stables and grabbed two horses that were already saddled up. As they mounted their horses they heard angry shouts of

“STOP THEM.” The guards must of somehow got out of the throne room.

Merlin turned to Arthur who was petting the neck of his large white stallion

“Ready? He asked

“Ready.” Arthur replied. Merlin kicked his jet black mare and she cantered off with Arthur’s horse in tow.

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