Chapter 11even ~ Clean Up Everybody Do Your Share.

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*Still Harry's POV*

When we pulled up into the drive way of Scarlet's house because that's where she said to go when we asked. lt had been quite funny because in order to ask, I had to wake her up. l had poked her cheek numerous times and she'd mumbled, "Wynter stop being annoying," then started resituating herself. l'd taken that as an opportunity to wake her up a little more and poked her again, but she grabbed my finger and BIT ME!

When l yelled "Ow!" she opened her eyes and saw it was me who she'd bitten. l'd asked her where to go and she told us to her house before she'd gone back to sleep I had told her the bite had hurt. "So don't poke me and that won't happen again," she'd said before her breathing had slowed.

I got out of the car, careful to hold Scarlet so that she wouldn't fall, and then led the way up to her front door. I opened the door and walked inside. I got into the living room and stopped in my tracks; it was a disaster! No, disaster is an understatement. There was popcorn on the floor, make-up stuff was surrounding the floor near a mirror she had hanging on the wall. Blankets and pillows were everywhere. Pizza boxes were on the coffee table, chip bags were on the ground surrounding it, and cans of energy drinks along with a couple empty liters of pop were on the floor. And I thought Lou and I were bad at being messy!

"Oh my God!" I said as I took in the mess. I heard multiple pairs of feet behind me and turned to see the boys carrying the girls and stopped as they took in the scene.

"This place is destroyed!" Liam said. I nodded in response.

"Well I know what we'll be doing today." Zayn muttered. We alI gave him a questioning look. "Cleaning, duh," he replied.

Louis groaned. "I hate girls." Of course he didn't mean it; he loved Eleanor. I carried Scarlet up the stairs and into her room. Everyone except Liam followed me holding the other girls. I turned around to see them with confused looks on their faces.

"Scarlet has a guest bedroom, her parent's room, and then this is her room. We can put two of the girls in here and the other two in the guest bedroom," I explained. They all nodded and Niall and Zayn carried Aqua and Wynter to the guest bedroom while Louis brought Eleanor over and gently laid her sleeping form beside Scarlet's.

We watched as the two girls instantly cuddled up together and an 'aww' escaped my mouth. They didn't look like a couple sleeping in the same bed, but the way best friends sleep next to each other. Eleanor had both hands under her head while laying on her side and one of her ankles were over Scarlet's feet while Scarlet was laying on her stomach with one arm under
her pillow and the other slung over El's shoulder. Louis got out his phone and took a picture.

"Send that to me," I told him as I got a big fluffy blanket from Scarlet's floor and covered them with it. He nodded and I felt my phone vibrate alerting me I had received a new message. I saved the picture. "Don't put it on
Twitter, Lou."

"I know," he said. "I like keeping some things to myself." I led him out of the room and we went downstairs to see the other boys already there.

"Okay, this is probably gonna take a while. It will be best if we split up," Liam said as his Daddy Direction side came into play. "Zayn and Harry, you two work on the kitchen and when your finished you can start making dinner since you're the best cooks. Niall, you go around the whole house and pick up any trash and just put all of the make up in a plastic bag because that's way to much for it to be just one girl's. They can sort it out when they wake up. Louis, me and you will work on putting the couch
cushions back on and getting all the blankets and pillows cleaned up, sweep, and bring the dishes to the kitchen. Start cleaning. GO! GO! GO!"

Zayn and I scurried into the kitchen and began our duties. We decided to put off doing the dishes last because whenever we tried to wash them, one of the boys would come in with more and we were just getting frustrated. So I was now on sweeping duty while Zayn was washing off the counters. By
the time we were both done with those tasks nobody had come in with more dishes so thinking we had them all we began to wash them.

I started humming the tune to "Stole My Heart" and Zayn quickly joined me. Eventually all of the boys were doing it, but we were all singing instead of humming. Just as I was drying the last dish and Zayn was about to drain the water, we heard thudding feet behind us and turned to see Niall running in with another dish! We both glared at him and he gave us a cheeky grin before sprinting out of the kitchen. I shook my head.

"If I see one more damn dirty dish I'm going to explode," Zayn grumbled and I chuckled. When we FINALLY had the kitchen spotless we pulled out frozen chicken, carrots on Lou's behalf, and corn on my behalf. Liam and Niall wouldn't care what we ate as long as there was a lot of it and nothing had to be eaten with a spoon.

About an hour and a half later we were finally done and I was quite happy with the results. Zayn and I carried it all to Scarler's dining room table and set up plates and eating utensils. "LILI! BOO BEAR!" I shouted and they came running. "Make sure you-know-who doesn't get to this while Zayn and I wake up-"

Before I could finish speaking, a very feminine voice interrupted me by yelling, "FOOOOOOD!" Then the sound of thundering feet could be heard throughout the house and bam, Aqua and Niall came running into the dining room pushing and shoving each other to get to the table first. Surprisingly, Aqua was the winner. She is absolutely perfect for him... I thought with a smirk.

Then I heard more feet and Scarlet's breath-taking voice ask, Did someone just say-" and the other two girls appeared in the doorway of the dining room with wide eyes. They glanced at the food, then at each other, then scrambled to find a seat and began piling food on there plates.

These girls really are something else.

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