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My hand slowly encased the shovels rotten wooden handle with chipped metal on the top and the bottom making the shovel more; shovel-like.

Slowly, oh so very slowly. I did not want to rush this. I had nothing to look forward to, well scratch that. I could look forward to ridding myself of this persistent and traumatised ghost.

And of course his wacky ghostly friends that obviously had nothing better to do then sit in a gathering all day and chew each others ears off.

It was, in more ways then one, truly pitiful.

I pitied their sad existences, they could do nothing but sit and watch as we, the living, grew old and joined them. If we were the lucky ones, Simon said we would even be granted the privilege of being able to 'cross over'.

Well honestly I'm not quite sure what that means. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure that Simon doesn't know what that means either. He said that only those who had fulfilled or achieved something with their life would be granted a 'new beginning'.

Well, he didn't really know what that means, Tommy had told him that, and Tommy had been told that by the weird gypsy ghost thing.

Basically if you do what you were placed on the Earth to do before your time is up then you, sort of, get reincarnated. It was stupid though, because those ghosts that were at that gathering thing had obviously not 'fulfilled' their life's mission, their destiny or whatever it is.

So it would only stand to reason that they should fulfil their destiny after they died right? That must be what Simon was doing, that must be why he wants me to dig up his grave for him. That would be the logically solution right?

So why on Earth were those other ghosts just sitting there?

Lolling about as if they had all the time in the world? Well I suppose they do, don't they? Their not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Especially since they weren't completing their life’s 'goal' so they weren't going to be granted the privilege of being reincarnated any time soon, now would they?

Besides, their already dead. So its not like they have a time limit restricting them anymore, not like us, they're not going to grow old and die. Uhh, that probably means that they're invincible too.

I sighed; it did me no good to dwell on these types of thoughts.

They would only confuse and upset me further. Though I'm sure nothing could quite possible confuse and upset me anymore then what I was about to do.

But I must do it. I said I would and I am a woman of integrity, a woman of my word.

I sighed once more before pulling the shovel out of its resting place and to my side. I was going to do this. I could do this; I just know I can... Oh who the hell am I kidding?

I just can't do this! It's too hard.

But I have to, Simon doesn't deserve to be let down by anyone else, that's just not fair. I'm not going to do that to him. I won't be like his mother, I can't do that. I can't disappoint this boy anymore than he has already been disappointed.

I won't disappoint him in death and he had been in life. That would only make me as much a monster as his mother and father were. Sure his father hadn't actively killed him, but he sure had been the one to cover it up.