Chapter 10n ~ To The Airport

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*Scarlet's POV*

I finished getting ready - which really only consisted of brushing my teeth and throwing my hair up in a messy bun since I was to lazy to do anything else and went to check on the other girls to see if they were ready to go get
the boys. They were all sitting on the couches in my living room yawning a lot. "C'mon guys. We'll stop buy Starbucks on the way there to get some coffee." They all mumbled an okay and slowly got up, put their shoes on, and walked out to the car. "We're taking El's car," I said.

We all piled in and I made my way to the closest Starbucks. We had all successfully stayed up all night (Lol) and it was still going cause we hadn't gotten one ounce of sleep yet. We were all in our pajamas and still had the make-up designs on our faces. Sarcastically, l think everyone would agree that we looked like pretty princesses. When I pulled into the parking lot we all stumbled our way inside.

"l'm just gonna make this easy girls," I told them. "Four small sweet teas and four medium coffees, please." The woman behind the cash register was staring at us but placed our orders and gave me my change when l payed her. When they were ready we each took our own tea and coffee and left. I sat in the driver's seat and chugged half of my coffee.

"Dang, slow down, Scarlet!" El said from the passenger seat.

"Do you want me to wreck the car? No. I've gotta be awake," I said. Once I felt my energy being restored, I started the car and began the drive to the airport.

When we arrived at the airport we were practically bouncing off the walls. "COME ON. LET'S GOOOO!" I cheered happily and we all raced into the airport. We found the gate that the boys would be coming from and waited. Of course, none of us were sitting down because we were too hyper. Everyone that glanced at us, which was a LOT of people, ended up staring, though none of us gave a crap.

We were all playing tag when we heard a chorus of voices yelling our names. I turned around and saw the boys running at us. I saw Harry and smiled. I ran over to him and hugged him. When he pulled away and looked at me his eyes widened. "What the heck happened to your face?!" he asked.

I began to laugh and replied, "The girls and I decorated each other's faces!" I was bouncing up and down due to my energy that seemed like it would never go away. "I asked to get a cat because you like cats!" He smiled, which made me smile. He put his arm around my waist and I blushed. We turned to see everyone standing in a circle. Louis had Eleanor over his shoulder and she was laughing like a maniac. Aqua and Niall were hitting each other playfully.

Zayn was watching Wynter with an amused expression as she spun in a circle with her arms out, catching her whenever she stumbled. I silently awwed to myself. Then there was Liam who looked scared.

"What did you guys do?!" he asked. "You're all going crazy!" The rest of the boys agreed.

It seemed like I was the only one able to speak, so I said, "We pulled an all nighter! We were singing and dancing and we went ding- ding-ditching and we watched a scary movie and we did each others faces with make up and we were drinking energy drinks and caffiene alllll night long so that we wouldn't fall asleep and then we were REALLY tired so we stopped at Starbucks and each had a medium coffee and sweet tea!" It came out in one big rush, but it was still understandable. All of the boys groaned.

"C'mon, Scarlet," Harry sighed. He grabbed my wrist and his one suitcase and dragged me to the entrance. Louis still had Eleanor over his shoulder. Niall had a hold of Aqua's wrist and Zayn was supporting Wynter from the Waist. I guess she'd spun too much cause I doubt she would have let Zayn touch her like that even if it wasn't lovey dovey for no reason. Liam opened doors for us.

When we got outside, the sugar crash finally started to hit me. I dragged my feet as I suddenly became extremely tired. "Are you okay?" Harry asked.

"So tired!" I whined.

"Come on, we are almost there. Keep walking," he said. I had realized that the other girls were being affected, too. I made it out to the beginning of the parking lot and I couldn't take it anymore. I just sat down next to a car. "Scarlet, come on." I shook my head 'no' and mumbled, "Too tired." I yawned and covered my  mouth. I felt a body next to mine and looked over to see Wynter leaning her head on my shoulder.

"You're comfy, Scarlet," she whispered. Zayn and Harry were just staring at us. Then Aqua stumbled over and sat on my other side. I felt incomplete without El.

"El," I said as loudly as I could. She lazily raised her head and I waved her to come over. When she asked Lou to put her down and he refused, she began to squirm on his shoulder which forced him to put her down. She crawled over to us and joined our group huddle.

I heard multiple groans, but I didn't feel like opening my eyes. "Give me your keys," Harry asked. I didn't respond so I felt him reach in my pocket and pull them out. "I'll get the car. Stay here with them so they don't get hit." I heard his footsteps as he walked away.

"Scarlet?" El asked.

"Hmm." I mumbled.

"I," she was cut off by a yawn, "love you."

"l love you, too," I mumbled.

"Hell no!" I heard someone say and realized it was Louis. "You're already taking Harry from me! You don't get Eleanor, too! She's all mine!" he declared.

"Lou? Shut up," I murmured without opening my eyes. I heard someone fake crying and smirked. The sound of a car came and I heard a door open and shut. Then the sound of multiple thuds. The boys must be putting their bags in the back. Then the sound of a couple doors opening was heard and I held onto Wynter tighter when I felt Eleanor and Lauren being removed.

"Let go of Wynter, so I can pick you up. You can sleep in the car where it's cooler than sitting in the heat and more comfortable," I heard Harry's voice say. That sounded like heaven right now so I let go. I felt an arm under my knees and supporting my back and curled up into Harry's chest as he. carried me.

*Harry's POV*

I smiled like an idiot when I picked up Scarlet because she grabbed hold of my shirt and nuzzled her head in the crook of my neck. She was so perfect. I had started getting feelings for her that I hadn't had for any other girl. I was just so afraid that those feelings would change and I'd end up hurting her. I got in El's car and was quickly followed by Zayn. Everyone else
was already in, so Zayn shut the door and we left. Liam was driving because he didn't have one of the girls. (Poor Lili)

Niall and Louis were in the way back with Eleanor sitting on Louis' lap. Her torso was facing Lou and she had her arms wrapped around his neck with her face buried in his shoulder while one of his hands were holding her thighs so she wouldn't fall and the other was wrapped securely around her waist.

Aqua was in the seat between the two boys with her head on Niall's shoulder and one of her hands were lightly gripping his arm. His free hand was playing with her hair and he had a little smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Zayn and I were in the two chairs near the middle of the large car. Since there was no seat between us, we had to hold Scarlet and Wynter. I was not about to complain. Zayn was holding
Wynter on his lap with one hand still under her knees and the other in her back and her head was on his shoulder. She was facing me so I could see how peaceful she looked. She looked so happy in her sleep while when I saw her awake it was like she was afraid something was hunting her. I moved Scarlet so that she was facing forward with her back against my chest and wrapped my arms around her waist. She stirred a little, leaned over so that her head was
against the window, and went back into her deep sleep.

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