The Move

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     A boy was carrying a box up a pair of front door stairs, but a man quickly grabbed it from him. "(Y/n), just go inside and rest. I know your anckle is still hurting from before." The man spoke with concern as the boy named (Y/n) nodded and went inside. It was true. His ankle was still slightly sprained from packing. He had just finished packing up when his cat walk under him and triped him, causing him to fall down half a flight of stairs. Luckily he doesn't get hurt easily and only had a sprained ankle and bruised rib.

He plopped down on the couch and closed his eyes, listining to the sound of movement and the rustle of leaves from outside. It wasn't long before he fell asleep. When he woke up, it was night out. He father must have tried to wake him but couldn't, because he had a blanket on him. It's pretty unusual for that to happen considering he's a light sleeper but he shrugged it off.
       He stood up an stretched, earning a few pleasing pops as he did so. (Y/n) went to his new room, still limping slightly from his sprained ankle, and grabbed a pair of cloths. "I really needed to take a shower." He thought. Once he was done with his greatly needed shower, (Y/n) walked back down stairs and began putting stuff in a bag he always kept in the coat closet. He grabbed a flash light, some water, his iPod with headphones, his pocket knife and a jacket. Putting on the jacket and stuffing his iPod in his jacket poket, he wrote a note for his father and walked out, backpack in hand.
                  -(Y/n)'s p.o.v-
      I walked out of the house, not before writing a note saying, "I'll be back by morning" of course, and headed off to go explore the wood around our house. The woods were pretty amazing honestly, and I was happy to live in them. I had been walking for about 30 minutes, blasting Mama by My Chemical Romance, when I began to feel a slitting head ach. I closedy eyes and and held my hands to my head, as I got the felling of being lifted up.

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